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I think that the the game where he really shined the most may not have been an aha moment. But the TCU game released stands out to me is a, you know, this guy is for real moment. But even from the first game against Oregon state. He he came out, and it just the offense felt completely different from what it did under J T Barrett. It it felt like you could really trust whenever he was going to drop back that he was going to make a play. He was games going to you know, be willing to throw the ball anywhere on the field. And that it would get to the receiver and the the confidence that he plays with the way that he carries himself on the field and the throws that he makes really from the get-go he was firing all on also under and I think later on in the season against teams like Michigan northwestern, and then Washington to indices, and he was really at his peak. But even going back to just the beginning of the euro member him making throws that I've I've never seen Buckeye quarterback. Make before. So I think it was almost immediate a stern as he stepped onto the field. But he he went and proved himself against TCU against Penn State in these these big moments and stepped up and continued to make those big throws kind of made you realize that this was you know, he's the real deal. This guy is a an NFL talent. And one of the if not the most talented quarterback in school history. So if you look at it, you know, obviously, he put up great numbers this year. He's QB one, you know on on pretty much every analysts draft board at this point. And yet, he's only got the fourteen college starts. Are there any sort of red flags for you or concerns about Haskins as an NFL quarterback? I think that the the main concerns for me, and they're not I wouldn't call them red flags because personally, I think Dwayne Hassans is going to be an extremely successful enough. Oh quarterback. But the the hangups that he's had this season that showed up a little bit against the against Penn State where in the fourth quarter, Ohio State pretty much had to go to an all screens all underneath offense, and it showed up a little bit against Purdue at showed up a little bit later on in the season..

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