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Movie in particular. Was that it really targeted girls love of adventure and their particular point in their lives where they are coming of age and they're they're deciding the kind of person that they wanted to be and so with this movie really feel that Lucky journey and her relationship with spirit is at the core of this crucial time in in a young girl's life and This movie was just a really beautiful way to Bring that to life and tell us a little more about the genesis. And how did he link on. Well we always say this movie is a virtuous circle it out new media because it was a movie be than inspired a television show. That then inspired a movie so you know completed. Its its completing. It's it's it's full cycle and we were looking for a female director. We thought that the movie should should be have a lot of female leadership and we knew elaine from her work on dragons race to the edge. Where you know. It's a combination of adventure of kids. You now comedy scope. It's one of our most cinematic. Tv shows and then we found out a lane roads horses so felt like all signs for just pointing one direction and You know she was on board so we were. We were thrilled and really really happy. That gives her. You know her first movie any lane. You also came out of the dreamworks story training program correct. I did yeah. I mean dreamworks has been a home to me for quite a number of years. And it's been you know it. It's been my whole journey in leading up to doing what i'm doing today. The story training program kind of set out on this really amazing perspective. Where i was. I came into the industry surrounded by all of these veteran animation. Heroes that i had had growing up. And now i was right in their learning from them every day and just the incredible support around was was meant everything to knowing and just learning along the way that i should never have been placing sort of false limitations on myself as far as how i how far i could go in what was capable of the industry. yeah in dreamworks. A great environment speaks to that all the time for many people. If i can just jump on that it was really incredible. Elaine made this movie pretty bass for movie. And we were in a pandemic and watching her leadership skills just blossom and hell mature and assured her decisions were was just a pleasure to be witnessed. Thank you merging. i feel i you know. I owe a lot of that to the idea that when we first started out on the project guys allowed us to really cherry pick who we thought were the strongest leaders for the entire crew in every department and again it was that support from the people that we knew entrusted every day that we're allowing me to step up and make those crazy decisions on the fly it and do you wanna give a shout out to some of those people. Yeah i mean my fearless producer. Karen foster was always. She was there every single day. Making the tough calls in delivering the tough news of schedule and budget and whatnot and Cleavers stepped into for her role as production manager in amy leading the music department. There was paul dunkin production designer Sean sexton who is renowned for his mentor ship in the in the animation community and brings up all these students into to their first feature roles. A couple of those students had their first feature experience on our movie. But you know it was amazing to watch everybody jump in and just even though the challenges we were up against especially after being sent home staying so motivated and dedicated to making the best film that we could now when you came on board how how much of the script was was written and when did you actually go into production. When i first came on there was a there was a an initial draft of the script account. It was a full draft And i came on at the same time as karen foster and we you know we. We worked with the scenes in with the draft and got it to a place. We were all comfortable with. Probably we've probably spent a month or two with that. Marching i think And then just dove right into storyboarding it was all so quick and running as fast as we could. So yeah. I mean actually the brother listed dates. But i actually don't remember. I mean there was definitely a lot of overlapping to we weren't finished fully completing the script on we had already started animating some of the scenes so it was very much a Building it while we were flying it sort of situation. But i think that's what kept us all on our toes especially being sent home and having to work together but separately it just it evoked this awesome sense of motivation in community. Even though we weren't all collaborating in person together as far as the story goes would you talk about the themes and what you hope viewers especially young girls. Take away from the movie. We had a lot of goals in that respect when he first started out. And like we were margie. Mentioned the the sense of empowering the young female audience and the camaraderie sisterhood of supporting each other to achieve impossible things. There's there's a lot in our story that speaks to that. And we you know we wanted to really create A world in a cast of characters. That felt like it represented the reality we live in today and by that i mean you know characters coming from all sorts of different and unique cultural backgrounds and and opinions So by reflecting that kind of thing on screen it hopefully reaches the young audience anyone in the young audience to believe that if they're seeing pieces of themselves up there on that screen it might help empower them to believe that they can achieve these things to and in the same way we also tried to reflect that same idea behind the camera by building a crew of people that came from all these different perspectives. We had a lot of female leadership on the crew I really feel like that helped us tell more authentic feeling story to the young female audience. We were also making this during the pandemic so at some point the idea that we were delivering a movie that was going to be so visually beautiful a little bit escapist in the sense that it was before cell phones. It was before the age of anxiety. That kids are living in today and that you know the fierce will of a plucky twelve year old girl following her best instincts. Doing the right thing could save the day. You know that became something that kind of also became important for us to deliver and i just wanted to add with with amy score. You know the other thing we want to do is supply and emotional experience and you know the score and the music just made and more cinematic more emotional and so we felt in this in this world where adventure for girls can still be a little bit of a white space that we were making a movie. that.

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