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Is going to send hundreds of additional troops at a dozen fighter jets to the Middle East in the coming weeks to counter what the Pentagon says is an escalating campaign by Iran to plan attacks against the US and its interest. Spoke at CBS military analyst, and retired Colonel Jeff about the troops going to the region, the number, which is far lower than some earlier estimates. Is large as had been -ticipant, apparently, the president has been briefed on numbers of five to ten thousand Pentagon nails fifteen hundred troops move into the region. However, they also suggest it's might be phase one of a multi phase operation and kind of Unicenter being or more defensive character, there patriot military battalions, which air defenses that could take out incoming Iranian missiles, cruise missiles or aircraft, plus additional surveillance aircraft. And they're supporting crews. Of course where they could monitor a any either naval activities, or even reunion airspace. But we're these will actually be better down at unclear my guess is probably in the United Arab Emirates or large base. They're potentially some of the defense units might actually go to Saudi Arabia. Is this meant as just a little bit more of a message to Iran versus you know, some full blown deployment of troops. A message to Iran and also a message to our allies in the region, trying to reassure and deter votes time, also swollen to apparently request by the income commander. But, you know, this is messaging using military force by, in the end is clearly, similar fashion. You might say the last there. So the United States sent two destroyers through the straits of removes quarter that, large ABRAHAM LINCOLN battlegroup book by translating that narrow space, the streets of the Persian Gulf, a very important waterway is about twenty percent or more of the world's oil supplies pass through that. We're showing the flag. We're ensuring those international waterways are still open and though they were cruelly monitored in their movement, by the Iranians know provocative actions occurred. And I was gonna say you're talking about the patriot battalion and the defensive kind of posture on this about of troops and what they're going to do, usually, it's needed defensive, if you think somebody's going to go on the offensive do. Do we think that una -fensive from Iran or somebody in that region is highly likely apparently the intelligence suggests that it's been rather opaque and very little, none of it has been shared publicly, but there were suggestions about their any as putting missile on small boats, which could obviously threaten of our ships at sea, and if there wasn't escalate into a full-blown conflict, obviously, one of the gravest concerns would be the Iranians, not only attacking US forces in the region in Bahrain, or perhaps, in Iraq, or the United Arab Emirates in particular, we have true concentrations, but also potentially attacking some of the very vulnerable oil facilities that are in that particular area, depending those also be a priority. So fifteen hundred troops roughly and how long before they could actually be in place over there. I know the military can move pretty quick. Clear to me, exactly what these forces are moving from the probably in a matter of a few days to a week, at the most of the patriot battalion, the enhancer Valence crab, obviously, can move into the theater pretty dog fat. That is CBS military analyst retired Colonel, Jeff macaws, Liz US repairs, send about fifteen hundred troops into the Persian Gulf region, six thirty eight to get a check now on business. John metaxas. Bloomberg trade tensions receded today. Stocks climbed though they did not regain Thursday's sharp losses. The Dow was up ninety five points more than one third of one percent at twenty five thousand five eighty five for the week. It was its fifth straight weekly decline the SNP gained three points on the day at twenty eight twenty six also down for the week and the NASDAQ down for the week but up today. Eight points at seventy six thirty seven. I'm John Metaxas. Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston's.

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