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Libya in the ben got going the fans well the medical turning thirty fifth in doing good math occurred by those that have that that come stride again i'm a country now well wasted you really the media doing expos a on want obama knew about ben guys in when he no it did you know the media do next thursday on what obama knew about his i arrest targeting conservatives fraud it's never hear the media talk about obama's connection to the post nightclub and how is failed immigration policies etcetera cost forty nine gase to be shut down in cold blooded did you ever the media talk about sam bernardino are the boston marathon those are nay brothers and alabama's failed refugee in immigration policies killed for innocent people of the boston nobody even brought up the issue obama was given a complaint pretty pass you wait until there's a terrorist attack and how quickly the media's gonna blame trump for whatever it is going to happen next and he's got nothing to do with that nothing he's trying to make things better and obama's trying from is golf course in california rob raul the source of this can ten that's what obama george sir rhodes organizing for america and there's article talks about listen to this oh with a formally obama for america has trained more than ten thousand left is groups who in turn our training more than two million americans and alliance be st tactics we got to million people paid for in train they're great having no matter what the issue as they don't care what the issue as they wanna march protest earned down break when there's a turnover police cars shutdown airports they won chaos you remember a few chaotic individuals took.

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