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Where Once the device can sense that the person is in an R E m state, or probably having a dream can gently try to nudge them into more wakeful. Experience while the dream is still going on. I think these could be useful for training us to have Lucid dreaming, But then it always leaves the question of what are you going to do once you're lucid in the dream, and that's the real spiritually question. Not just can I get lucid? And the machine helped me become lucid. But then once I'm lucid, do I know how to operate in that altered state of consciousness? Can you physically heal in a dream? If you let's say, God forbid you have cancer. Can your cane your dreams carrier? Well, I think we can. Well, first of all, I think we could have dreams that give us diagnostic and prescriptive advice that could lead to healing. I think you're asking. Could the dream itself actually be transformational and healing in and of itself? Right, Right, Right. Yeah. Um, I've never had that experience myself. I've talked to people more often of with psychological or spiritually illness that feel like they were transformed and healed in a dream. I think it's possible if there's such a mind body connection for something that literally be changed in the flesh by a spiritually experience in a dream. Wow. Accurate would you say Mark Edgar Casey wasabi about The health issues and everything he had This bizarre map of the United States flooded hasn't happened yet. Maybe he was years ahead of time. So I think when it comes to the health diagnosis atyour cases two sons once tried to do a retrospective research project and Get some assessment of accuracy, and they arrived in a figure of 85% accuracy. That's huge on the health diagnoses. He only gave two dozen of these prophecy readings, some of which, as you just described Describe a map of America sometime in the future that's largely flooded or this southeastern United States, parts of the West and so forth. I don't know Some of the climate change research is making me think Maybe he was tuning into things for maybe not this century, but the next century. Might make might have been years ahead of time. Daniel and Belmont, California. Hi, Daniel. Welcome to the show. Go ahead, George. It's Your Time's up in friend Daniel. How are you? There you go. Good. Damn loving the show guys. Um, wanted Tonto in 30 seconds post. Maybe, like five type of comments here real quick. And it would be, um, dreams could be coming in from quantum entanglement from planet in front of us. And, uh, I had a pre cognitive dream last night and I saw it today. You know, I woke up there was ah, leaky, uh, water pump ticket to the mechanic, and I saw everything laid out just like in the dream person. My comments are this um neuroscientists from USC? Ted Berger has digitally enhanced humans. Years back, he would flash a camera at a digital broadcast charismatic TV screen. These in house humans would come in. He's asked him. What did you dream about last night? And it's exactly what he had pointed The camera. At another comment is, um What if, um Uh, I was able to put you in a room with projectors and show you the dreams you had last night and throughout your life and then push a recording button, Play button and play the song You woke up with. Another one is a lot musk announced nearly George I've been telling you unconditional in half since 2007 right and then 2013. Barack Obama has the brain initiative. You got the human brain project 27 countries in Europe. And now lot muskets in the game contender. Full competitors announces neural link in 2017, and it's already been going. It's totally covert out here in San Francisco. There's no address up for it. My resumes over there on their desk, too. For a lab tech. Um I wanted to say this. Is that? What if I could pay you for working for me while I'm in your dream? Haven't do something creative or whatever it is and then just send you a check. Um, the last comment. I want to make George and this question at the end of it for both you folks. Is that You know, with over 100,000 digitally enhanced humans here in the United States for vision correction hearing loss, Parkinson's. Do you guys think that alone must neural network neural link? Is already giving these abusive neural networks or run for their money here on the planet, and I'll take my answer off the air. Thank you, gentlemen. Thank you. It's very conceivable. That musk in his work could be years ahead of time. Mark You want to jump in on any of this? I feel like I don't know, Enoughto come in very cogently, but I do think we're going to be surprised in the decades ahead. The contributions made to science and understanding consciousness. Mm. I think so, too. Maybe shooter than later. Yeah. Donna in North Carolina, east of the Rockies. Go ahead, Donna. Hi, George. Hi there, Mark. Listen, I've had what I believe is the premonition and very strong one. That was I don't ever had anything like this. I was dreaming your regular going variety dream. And all of a sudden This other one column premonition. It just comes in all the sudden. I am and I'm pulling up in a car. I mean, a total different Hi. It's not like reality that room, the spirits and now that what liked my dream state? It was almost like in between. You can understand. Okay. Anyway, Here's the deal. I'm driving up in the car. Is that night and I'm happy, you know, and I pull up and I'm talking to someone that I don't know. Yeah, I know it in the drink. I can I can sense it there. But now I don't know this person. But hey, standing there, I say the background behind them. It's that night and I know this place. It's like I'm familiar. All this happening in seconds because that's how it comes in. Um I pull up and I'm just happy and I'm like, Hey, you know, and he lanes down and very all of a sudden does it changes from up two seconds? He grabbed the riches in the corridor, and he grabs me. And I'm looking and I'm start. You know what you know, and Look at his face in a spice is looking at me, and it's not like a jovial person anymore is eyes are looking at me like he's a scientist looking at him hug. Marcus got a He's just It reminds me of how they say it's somebody psychotic killer gets you and they look at you that weird way, but that's what he was looking at me and I need it. It's like that I was God. And my heart just started. Hang on. Then I woke up. I woke up. I woke up out of everything. And and I didn't you. No, I didn't forget it. Um so I need that when I pulled up. I recognize the background. It was that night, and it was I saying, like I had been there before, Okay? And you and you might have been Listen, that three of form nine Actor Deitz. George Out of the blue you add in the blues. Uh, I start going to this place. Made and a friend of mine. It's got bluegrass music and stuff like that, because they're on the 39. Pulling in and as I'm pulling in is the sign Heiss and I've been there before. I would call that a pre cognitive dream mark with you. The question is how in the world the people tap into that there's something about the nature of time. That is not as linear as our conscious material. Minds perceive it to be and even physics is saying that time is much more. Nuanced and more dimensional than this kind of linear notion of time. I think a lot of the colors here having experiences of this and their dream world or out of body or shamanistic experiences. In which they're encountering dimensions where time means something different than it means to the rational mind. Do you think certain groups of people could be more tuned into this than others? I happen to think this audience is tuned into a lot of things. Yeah. Hell and open to the possibility. Yes. So you know they would beam or apt. To have these kinds of experiences when they if they're more open to it, I think probably so just just a willingness to have an open mind about these things. I love the little spot that was during the commercial break about a half an hour ago. But your voice talking about You don't take sides that you really try to have an open mind on this show in different points of view, And I think each of us needs to cultivate that kind of openness.

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