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Forty three money news with checking the stock market's opening higher can hang on well it certainly already today's gains of slipped a bit but right now the Dow is up a hundred six points the nasdaq is up forty seven and the S. and P. is up about eleven the games come after stock futures swung forward by more than a thousand points overnight oversee Shanghai's indexes up three percent Japan up about one quarter percent Hong Hong Kong and South Korea both up about one percent not what's driving the green numbers so far today while the federal reserve says it will act as appropriate to support the U. S. economy as the corona virus spreads and causes economic disruption that is a hint of an interest rate cut and that's something markets generally seem to like the corona virus has the world facing the biggest shock the commodity markets since the global financial crisis demand for oil is down by an estimated four million barrels a day because of disrupted economic activity in China the world's five richest people lost a lot of money last week when the stock market does a collective thirty six and a half billion dollars for the top five richest people Amazon's Jeff Bezos is the world's richest person and even after the plunge you still worth a hundred sixteen billion dollars bill hoarding the hand sanitizer Texas grocery chain says it's limiting to for the purchases sanitizers wipes and similar items to people are buying to stave off corona virus starting today NASA's taking job applications for the next class of astronaut this is the class that may end up going back to the moon is part of the Artemis mission in twenty twenty four the job openings are essentially open to all U. S. citizens though you have to have some pretty impressive credentials if you want to apply to become an astronaut the application can be found at USA jobs dot gov where the federal government lists all want ads for civil servant jobs new astronauts are usually classified as GS twelve and earn a base salary of about sixty six thousand dollars Evan brown fox news news our next money update coming up at eight twelve Howard K. away money news.

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