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Disease is seventy seven per se is actually tomorrow neil had to cancel his fiftieth anniversary tour dates in australia and new zealand that would it would have happened in march he says the physical toll of turing is just too exhausting for him now the l offered sincere apologies to folks a plan to go to those shows but says he still plans to write record and work on other projects and of course we'll see him except the lifetime achievement award at this sunday's grandiose words while megan kelly ripped into jane fonda yesterday she's apparently still fuming over jane's put down over the first week meghan has on the today show after make an ask jane about any plastic surgery she'd had done yesterday megan said it's time to address the poor me routine fonda was on to promote a film about aging for years she has spoken openly about her joy and giving a cultural faced older women will the truth is most older women look nothing like her she's now eighty in if fund a really wants to have an honest discussion about older women's cultural face that her plastic surgery is tough to ignore she then went into more of an attack mode she said i have no regrets about asking or about any surgery nor am i in the market for a lesson from jane fonda on what is israel is not appropriate after all this is the woman whose name is synonymous with outraged many of our vets still caller hanoi jane thanks to her radio broadcasts which attempted to shame american troops she posed on an antiaircraft gun used to shoot down our american pilots kelly said she recalled she called our pows hypocrites and liars and referred to their torture is understandable even she had to apologise years later for that gun picture but i'll never for the rest of it no funded about that is yeah it took her a while that come up with that zika threat this all happened have a jane has continued to you say things about her and that's why she's blindly it all happens in a while ago september the aptitude cut its you ever do that you're you'd shoddy of that can evaluate and uganda while what i should have said words i said it said adding that i think that.

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