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I don't think I think you do have to honor the rail and shot some point. I don't know if it's a more on the floor or some sort of sign it in the arena, you can't retire. Ray? Allen's number jelly, Gilmore good. Just because of that moment, man. I know the best Sean NBA history of he's the only one that's the only debate the big three Billy's. Right. Like definitely gonna do. Lebron has them they'll hang up Riley suit at some point. Is there pushback that he he's not deserving because I think he's far more deserving of it than Shaquille O'Neal was really. And he's actually I know you Don, this is going to be called the embodiment of he culture, but Chris Bosh stands for all the same things. Terms of sacrifice accepting reduced role. It's not easy. Hell you see the panic attacks at Kevin love had in a similar situation. Now, people are starting to realize being the guy that people can easily point to how I mean Chris Bosh had some games had zero rebounds in game in an NBA finals clinching game. He scored zero points while doing dirty work on the defensive end. So I think he's actually a perfect candidate to have his jersey retired. And it makes sense chronologically. I mean, he's out of the league. No, he's not I guess officially retired. But he's all but retired. Whereas LeBron and Dwayne and you're done us are still playing. So it would have been weird to do it in any other order than than Bosh. I yeah. But they had like has are not has. I'm sorry heart. Right away waited awhile Alonzo, Mourning shack waited years. I mean shack left with bad blood with the heat, right? It wasn't an immediate thing. That's why it's kind of like, you would think the face of all of this, obviously is Dwayne Wade. He put this together. I mean, you could argue away. I I would think I mean, it doesn't ultimately it doesn't matter. It just feels like, oh, we're going to do next month. Surprise, you know, I felt bad for Toronto. When the announcement was made because the whole thing was, oh, this is home. This is home his home. And it's like we played the majority of his career in Toronto. He was more productive. He had more games in Toronto. He took less a lesser role here, which has to do it. But I did feel bad for Toronto. Like, he's not acknowledging the Toronto existed. I think is actually sort of in line with the time line that Alonzo Mourning had in terms of date that he retired to the actual jersey retirement. Remember, it's been awhile since we've seen Chris Bosh out on a basketball court. The last time we saw him on a Pasco ball court. He was wearing a heat jersey. So it's hard for us to realize that it doesn't seem as like as much time. You have LeBron changing to to uniform since then so it doesn't seem the same Wayne. But it it sort of aligned with that Alonzo Mourning timeline am I only one Chris Bosh is my favorite he player ever. Really? Yeah. You're the only one I think you're Really? really. Yeah. Maybe three of the big three era. He was by far the most likeable likeable, but likable is different than your favorite. He everyone has to pick twain, wait. Thanks, brian. I said that during that time too. I always liked Bosch the bat. I think people would choose has lem. They would some would say Wade some would say has a somewhat say LeBron that wrong Bertrand Birdman was very popular. I there wasn't a single heat fan that had any sort of ill will or hatred or you've never frustrated you the way that Mario Chalmers did sure when he saw zero rebounds, you're like the F. But for the most part he was beloved for many of the things that Billy mentioned before the video bonds. He was the smile around a time run very hated team. He was the guy seemingly having the most fun with it. He won the opening press conference where he was speaking in Spanish trying to relate to the fans, and he sacrificed the most in terms of stats game. He sacrificed had to changes game. And then again, he stayed almost left, but he stayed. He also came in here one time in warm ice my jacket. I haven't watched it since. And there was a lot to like about Chris Bosh off the court a very intelligent thoughtful. Cerebral guy on athlete like in a lot of ways..

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