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What unique characteristics and skills and abilities and interests your children have how could i possibly lay out for you what you should do without actually sitting down with you and your spouse and your children and thinking about what your goals are how could i possibly know the moral framework that your family holds the things that are important to you the things that you've decided you're going to teach your children how could i possibly know the heroes that your family has how could i possibly know the things that your family stands for how could i dictate to you what you should do in your family unless i asked you first what you wanted to accomplish unless i i got to know you and your children and started to understand your values and your goals your aspirated your family dynamics how could i tell you what's right for you without knowing anything about you obviously i couldn't possibly do that and if you'll think about those questions i just asked my hope is that you'll see why i unreservedly lobby for you to withdraw your child from government schools while also without reservation admitting that i don't know what's right for you and your family those two positions are in perfect harmony if you think about it to help you consider some of these ideas i thought it would be fun for me to read to you an excerpt from one of my favorite novels novels a novel that i really have enjoyed and i enjoy it because it's not just a story but it's a useful story that's wrapped up with a whole lot of interesting thought provoking ideas the novel is called molen l'abbaye by an author who goes by the pen name boston tea party is name is kenneth w royce and he writes he wrote this novel years ago it's called again molen labbe which is obviously an illusion you know the illusion back to their mop lion and and come and take them but it's a basically a political novel that discusses the idea of peaceful secession of a free state from the larger too radical united states and it was published back in for the first time in nineteen ninety seven it's very old updated printed in in.

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