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Win. Wanted division. They had the whole. No, okay. The Seahawks in big tonight. Wildcard game against the Cowboys. Seattle was oh to this year when their season turned around by way of a twenty four thirteen win over those Cowboys consider both quarterbacks ability to win games in his first three years. Russell Wilson won more games than any other NFL quarterback with thirty six. Dak Prescott finished tied for bid on that list with thirty two. The duo also have an NFL leading twenty four games with at least one hundred passer rating in their first three season. Dax is shown it in the regular season. But the pressure will be to win in this second season. Tedy Bruschi on the will Cain show on that subject such thing as winners. I think he's a winner. But he's got a proven now especially in certain franchises. I mean there are certain franchisees where you've got such a standard of winning in Dallas the Dallas franchises right there at the top. You don't get considered as as much until you start winning in the playoffs. You make deep. In the playoffs. The Cowboys the Steelers the bears those type of franchises where they're used to win in Super Bowls and don't talk to me about regular season success and this game is so it's so telling to me for Dak Prescott because in terms of the style that he has playing and how that does have that ability to to run the zone Reed. And bef let it can also be a runner. Those type of things Russell's is to me has been the gold standard of all that because he's still accurate on the pulls everything like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Does all of that can throw from the pocket. He's looking on the other side line. I think in a way that that's that's how good I want to be. So to beat Russell would be very will be a huge win for deck. Yeah. It'd be poetic almost to your point of taking that mantle playing that style arriving at that status of winter that Russell already has about four cowboy Darren Woodson on the. Subject of Dak Prescott can carry the Cowboys to the promised land. It's not just the team. It's individuals as well. As Dak Prescott is going to be under some pressure based off of the success that this organization has had in the past. When you look at the history of this organization. The Roger Staubach of the world. The Troy was big time success as far as winning playoff games advancing in that manner become becoming heroes within Dallas winning Super Bowls. But then over the years things have changed. Tony Romo had a test is greatest Tony romo's career. Was he he didn't. He only won two playoff games in his time. As a Dallas cowboy back needs to find a way to set himself. If said his legacy within this organization this game around last last year they lost to the Green Bay Packers. This time around they need to find a way to win this game and skiing and continue moving forward. But it's about his legacy. And he's he's a historian and he understands the game of football. Those exactly where he fits Prescott aside though. Jeff Darlington on a key matchup in this kickoff. Jack navy one hundred hundred ten carries on Saturday. I mean, this this says that he feels so ready and so prepare for this damn you actually noted a couple of days ago after.

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