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What what infuriates me too, is that I feel like I don't know how much of a hot take this might be, but I feel like this is the best group of guys where they can go up play man or like at least press that we've had in a while. I mean, James bradberry. Yeah, that's not. That's not a hot take at all. That's one hundred percent berry has shown over the last three weeks that he can play a guy, close the entire game. And even if he surrenders completion, it's pretty close. They gotta they gotta get. They gotta make that Pat that catch like on the first contact or he's not going out and Dante. Jackson is fast, scrappy, he, he played odd. Honestly, one of his best games as a pro. This past Sunday, he only surrendered like one completion. And like captain Monroe. And yet, you know, he gets bagged on a lot, but he can still play the press a little bit. And I just don't understand why they won't. They just refuse to let those guys go up there and do something. They're all like, you know, at least moderately visa. Keithly Davis are also among the best is toes. Non Riveter is geared. He scared that the wide receivers, all beat the press and be wide. I wonder if it's an Eric Washington, because I saw more press coverage at a Steve Wilks than I have since Eric Washington a little both like it could be. I think it's a little bit of both. 'cause I think Eric, Washington is a terrible defensive coordinator, and I think it was a mistake to hire him. I think he's an absolutely phenomenal defensive line coach, but I truly believe that the the decline we've seen in the for the front seven is because Eric, Washington is no longer focused on the defensive line, and he's just overall the defensive coordinator because Brady hoax doing a terrible job. Naming Klein on the defensive line. I mean, like if you go back and watch, there was a little bit that Eric Washington did with the max Hansen on Panthers dot com. And he showed a few plays where the pressure showed up like Kyle, loved it, a nice job, a one play. Vernon Butler made a was the guy who made the Julius peppers like ridiculous hit on Alex Smith happen west Horton's obviously playing very well. Like it doesn't seem like the defensive lines spying that as much as that, they just don't have a chance to get after the quarterback has the secondary just play in so far off, like all the time, it's just. It's weird because his defense seems like they're trying to be made up where the pass rush, forces the ball to come out quickly, but the pass rush isn't that kind of pass rush anymore and the secondary's not compensating for that. Just fear. It's just there's a, there's a little part of us that plays defense like we're defending our own offense. Where where most of the end it's not. Our office isn't like this as much this year as much as was the first seven years of Rivera came here where it's like, if we're not running the ball were throwing at least ten yards down the field. And so there was no need for other teams to cover short of that. And that seems to be what we built our defense around end like it's it's the NFL doesn't do that anymore. Like there's. A huge emphasis on throwing the ball short and getting the ball players hands. He have to disrupt at a little bit. It is like sporadic. I'm not saying we need to get up and like pressman every single play and up everybody's faces. But you have to just kinda like. You have to do it what China, I know you will. A weird take. Wait. Are you suggesting that we are you suggesting that huge..

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