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Big oil gets a shakeup and major winds for climate activists as ever. We're looking forward to hearing from you tweet us at one egg. Live from NPR News. I'm nor Rahm. The Biden administration released its proposed budget Friday It calls for homeland security to invest in high tech equipment on the border. Rather than a physical wall. But as NPR's John Burnett reports it would not effectively change funding for Immigration and Customs enforcement, which advocates were hoping Biden would cut be eagerly anticipated. 2022 budget proposal reflects Biden's pledged to stop construction of the border wall. DHS Secretary Alla 100 New Yorkers is asking for a billion dollars to modernize ports of entry. Better detect the smuggling of drugs in humans. There's nothing for former President Trump's border wall, and the administration seeks to cancel unspent funds. Biden's budget includes $2.8 billion for ice immigrant detention nearly the same amount Congress gave the Trump Administration last year. Immigrant advocates were hoping Biden would signal a reduction of the government's reliance on the detention of those awaiting their asylum hearings. Ultimately, it will be Congress that sets the budget for 2022. John Burnett. NPR NEWS summer camps may be able to ease up on masking and physical distancing if their staff and campers are fully vaccinated against Cove in 19. MPR's Ping Wang reports on new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at Sunday in overnight camps this summer, it may be possible for campers to sing a place for its and weave baskets together as in the before Times Commander Aaron Sabir shots of the CDC says that if the staff and kids are fully vaccinated, there's no need for masking. There's no need for distancing. There's no need for screening testing. If someone happened to be exposed for someone with covert 19. They don't need to quarantine so it really is this potential towards mentally summer toe have a pre pandemic camp experience. Most cancer likely to be mixed settings were only some people are vaccinated. In these cases, experts they cancel probably require masks and physical distancing, but they will still provide a respite for kids who have been staring at screens all year. Ping Wang NPR news White House says it believes that U. S. Government agencies have largely fended off the latest cyber attack, apparently by Russian hackers. Microsoft of financial supporter of NPR says it appears hankers linked to the Russian intelligence service broke into his many as 150 humanitarian organizations. NPR's Dina Temple Raston has more this week They found hackers in a bunch of international development in human rights organization systems and as best as they can tell, the hackers broke into a company. That was helping us a I D with marketing, and they use that hack to send phishing emails. You know, Microsoft told us it wasn't a huge hack, they said maybe as many as 3000 accounts for either hacked or threatened, maybe as many as 150 institutions, but they think the actual numbers are probably a lot smaller than that. NPR's Dina Temple Reston reporting. This is NPR. Republicans in the Senate stop the Senate Friday from voting on a proposal to establish a bipartisan inquiry into the January 6th attack on the U. S. Capitol. The Senate voted 54 to 35 in favor of considering the legislation short of the 60 votes needed. The vote was largely along party lines. All Democrats supported on Lee, six Republicans joined them. The European Police Network. Europe whole, says it's uncovered an industrial scale cocaine lab in the Netherlands. Teri Schultz reports. Millions of dollars of cash have been seized in the stain 80 Dutch police officers, accompanied by SWAT teams and dogs raided addresses in Rotterdam in The Hague on Wednesday. He found the cocaine lab hidden in a building along with a garage where the criminals equipped vehicles with secret compartments to transport the drugs across Europe. Seven such cars were seized and more than $4 million in cash. Nine people were arrested. The site was linked to her ring broken up in March by French authorities, who found millions of dollars and millions of dollars worth of drugs. That cocaine was traced back to the underground lab and Rotterdam intelligence came from the encrypted messenger system and Crow chat. Infiltrated and dismantled by Dutch and French investigators last year for NPR news. I'm Teri Schultz. The search continues for dozens of people still missing after a boat capsized in Nigeria. Went down Wednesday after striking an object in Nigeria's largest river in Kev E. State. At least 50 people are determined are confirmed dead. Boat accidents are common. Nigeria. I'm Nora Rahm NPR news. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include the George Lucas Educational Foundation, creator of Edge Utopia for 30 years.

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