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I, I do know a lot of people reference the member member Bury's. So Chris, do you have any thoughts. You know, I, I don't want to be Smerch the show because I know there are people who are are still fans of it, but I'm of the mindset that literally no show should run for more than twenty years. That's just insane. Ever even shows. I love with all my heart. I don't want them to run that long because there's only so many stories you can tell. I mean, I used to, I was a huge Simpsons fan and you know, I'm still, I'm one of those people who can quote almost every line from the Simpsons for its first like eight or nine seasons, and but after that, you know, the show got really bad and it's still onto this day and it really should not be I, it's it's, I think it's, you know, people have hard time letting things go and it's okay. Sometimes things should end and there's nothing wrong with that. Just, you know, let it let it sail off into the sunset it. Should you have any thoughts on this? I know that you're not a you haven't really ever watched south park now. I do think it's still part of the landscape today. I have plenty of friends who do reference and talk about south park frequently, but I don't think it's quite the behemoth it used to be. It'll, it'll be interesting to see if this season season twenty two will be the end of south park. I, I mean, it seems like they're kind of setting it up as such, but you never know even if it was the end. I like we live in a world, but there's a Roseanne, you know, TV series on television that will, and grace is still on. And you know, all these like fuller house, you know, even if this were to come to an end, like I imagined that it would come back from the dead. You know, five, ten years from now, you know if there's money to be made. You know th they'll they'll find a way but, but it is interesting especially with these intimated series where where it's, you know, not as tied to actors in e, you know, especially when the filmmakers themselves provide a lot of the voices for the show like you can. You can kind of keep on going for as long as they want if there's a market for it, but it just I, I guess, time for Trey Parker, Matt stone to reevaluate like, you know, what is south park doing for society today, like I is it you know are, do they feel like their best work is coming out right now? Or is it you know. You know something that has kind of suffered from that, you know twenty two year timeline, but yeah, anyways, that does it for today's.

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