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Some nurses at DC hospitals have expressed concern about the availability of corona virus testing for them well now there's some hope that recent guidance will help ease those concerns guidance to hospitals DC's health department refined its guidance on when health care workers should be tested this comes after ed Smith of the DC nurses association says some nurses the DC hospitals were being told they couldn't get tested unless they were symptomatic the change they don't have symptoms from the cold would nineteen virus they'll still get tested Smith commands the health department for the guidance which he says hospitals typically follow he also says for nurses who get the virus to we'll help them get the treatment they need and not be in a position where they're going to be infecting people including their own family Mike Morello WTOP news the CDC finds that parents who fall behind in their kids vaccinations often fail to catch up with some parents are now skipping appointments because of coronavirus concerns Dominic is scary and it's even scarier when you have a young infant mom Jennifer John Pierre of upper Marlboro know some parents concerned about corona virus are skipping kids appointments we chose to stay on schedule because it's really important three month old deacons vaccinations are up to date you have never know what may have been like if people are not vaccinating the measles are going to be on the rise or what can cost Dr Tony Thompson Chatham's of TLC pediatrics we need to bring your baby and for their wealth check out a sentence in the immunizations Kristy king WTOP news let's catch up here on the numbers there are nearly thirty seven thousand reported cases of corona virus in DC Maryland and Virginia more than fifteen hundred new cases were reported that yesterday and we're expecting to see the newest numbers later this morning there are more than fifteen hundred confirmed deaths from.

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