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Work, they're doing not only roasting coffee but training veterans for jobs and getting along in civilian life. I was wondering about caffeine. According to the USDA, the average cup of coffee has a little over 100 mg of caffeine, and on average, we drink about three cups a day. The latest dietary guidelines say healthy adults can handle as much as 400 mg a day. So doing the math that leaves about 100 MG to the good, But those three cups of Joe may not be the only place you're getting caffeine during guys. T lots of sodas. Have a lot of caffeine in them. Energy drinks have a lot of even more caffeine in them. Karen Blakeslee is a food scientist and coordinator of the Rapid response Center for food science, she says. We are ingesting more caffeine than ever. And it's coming from places We may not think of even decaf coffee and chocolate chocolate. Come on now. How much caffeine can there be in chocolate? If only there were a calculator of some kind. The International Food Information Council has what they call a caffeine calculator. It's on their website at food insight dot org. Food insight dot org is that calculator for caffeine could be a kind of a disappointing exercise anyway, from the farm to your ability as speaking of buzz, September's national Honey month, also its national whole grains month. And after Chicago board of Trade a flat day for corn and beans, there's been a whole bunch of value wiped off the books recently. Most of the summers gains and corn futures have been wiped out December corn started out today at 5 10 a bushel, the lowest since April. 13th it's now at 5 11. Soybeans were right behind, dropping to the lowest closing price since late June yesterday to 12 77 a bushel. Right now. 12 78. That's the business of food on 7 20 w g. N by the way, Manhattan Transfer Java jive. Just another good coffee song. If you're making notes over there, Okay. Manhattan Transfer job. God, those of you that are trying to get the tickets for our Thomas Jefferson Show. Just got an update from our promotions. People here the venue, the Tivoli. Can't right now. We'll keep you posted. Don't be frustrated. There are still a few seats available Details Still to come on W G. M and a day of Lantus.

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