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So you mention that word presses really is a shame alanthea's asking java script lotta ph p when you think about the skills you acquire as a war press developer are you acquiring word press specific skills or is the experience you get working with that issue mountains his as jobs can be is that transferrable outside of the word press universe completely yen immense that's beautiful part about it like you're not putting yourself in the box you being grounded based on the core languages of the web age democracy assess java script and actually most of were press is actually keeping out with a time about of the statistic was twenty twenty seven percent of were press corps itself is actually been you know it's it's in jobless where it and so whereas typically it started off as appear to be kind of framework it's actually keeping up with the languages of the web with the time it's over ten years old so it's you know you have this sort of foundation if you wanted young jump into the web career no web development web design career like you could leverage word press because it's gonna tell you it's going to help you navigate the sort of many options that you could dive into in terms of development approaches when you're talking about you know i want to create a diamond dynamic website how do i start where do i start with language that choose on it actually gives you a nice grounding base sexually great actual functioning applications.

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