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League match at club America the team meet in the quarterfinals at Azteca stadium in Mexico City the return match will be next Wednesday Kennesaw state where W. A. okay weather forecast shows right now it is sixty degrees today you can expect a twenty percent chance of rain with temps topping off at sixty eight on the major Cooper infirmary appoints an unusually tall thirteen eighty W. A. L. K. if the or the fear of having a lady good morning the at the expense third by Emory's all of three ferry to program a lot going on for you out there so I don't drive him inserts you rain moving in today though thirty five north that reckless path of him Bridge Road have one twenty eighth at two eighty five a little insightful thing Kelly said you're traveling down the connectors south past him fourteen street had that record for you there as well at one on terrible of our right near the seventy five corridor eighty five south Jimmy Carter with the stalled vehicle as you travel seventy five south before Delk road that crashed and burned in that area of the all of us research program mission is the speed of health research breakthrough they're asking one million people to share health information researchers can use this to give that thousands of health studies to improve lives with all of us thought Emory dot EDU you find out how you can become one in a million I'm seventy somewhere if I'm losing Docherty ninety W. AOK hiring can be challenging but super crew makes it fast and easy we talked to see Dylan escalates we needed to hire director of coffee for his company cafe culture we would look through lots of applications for people who are not qualified.

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