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Janka shoot. No one can match me. Impregnable? What's your heart out of handcuff lightning? Yes. Only last week. I'm murder rap. Angeles stone hospitalized a brick. I'm so mean, I make medicine. Knew who? Talk thirteen eighty W A. Okay. The voice to the community your brother, Dr. Exactly. J J J D smooth. Who criminal? The long. Co creating the move. Bill. The possibilities that things can turn around and go your way. You may be falling. Would you land on your feet you may have already fallen down? But you can get back up. Again. It's going to be whatever you say. So let's say I am strong. We'll get up get out get it. I got it. But if not. Try to take. Chiel experience today because he's holding of ood. In a way. Make do what to do on another episode another installment of a movement, which brother come home with me one time, if you don't mind..

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