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Registration and more at zoom dot us hi i'm brooke lightstone cohost of on the media as you know we are awash in high drama news events but because of your financial support wnyc can afford to go deeper to avoid distraction and to not only report the stories of the day but to also investigate the stories of our time we cut our pledge drive in half so we can spend less time asking you for money and more time on the news and shows you care about but for our shortened fundraiser to work we need your support here's how to do it all you have to do is call us up at one eight eight eight three seven six nine six nine two or go online at wnyc dot org we've cut this pledge drive in half so we can bring you more news more programming as we her brooke mention that makes your support right now even more important because even though we've cut the drive in half by the number of hours number of days that were pitching we still have to make the same amount of money that we normally do wnyc's program director jacqueline cincotta is in the studio with me this morning at morning and you know jacqueline we also have this great contest coming up this so much varying are we too shall i jet wow hey take it away today and today only we are offering a pair of tickets to one lucky wnyc listener these tickets are to see mr bruce springsteen on broadway in that intimate setting it's probably a once in a lifetime opportunity and we are giving away a pair of prime seats to see springsteen onbroadway for your choice of a date in april self it's helpful for you to think about apr.

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