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You go. Three thousand Tom that's the number. These are unscreened calls. Hey, tom. This is Mark from Pelham. How are you? I'm doing. Okay, mark. How about you? I'm Tom go. I'm just going through a tough time, and you know, time to changing or you're leaving. The show is about at the end of the year. Made it successful run. And you know, I'm just trying to. Work things out. And I just you know, I learned so much from you, Tom, and I just wanted to call ask for advice. What would you like? I've always wanted to work on my socializing skills. And you know, but. Where I live is like on the I live on Westchester county on the borderline of of New York City. And this this area is from what I've listened to you. You said that you know, out of outside cities. It's not much really, you know, socializing wait to get more involved. Like, I grew up by been around the Bronx at the you mentioned north online went to Fordham Williams bridge. Remember, the only got a chance to know like Manhattan and all that take him subways. Like, you said most most people who live near the city don't even really travel, you know, in the city, I would like to know like you commend like meeting meeting tricks like law firms, or you know, like to to be down there where it's more social if you were living back home back here. Where would you, you know, would you like go around the city to meet chicks from varies from twenty five to like forty five roads. Well, first of all, I wouldn't be in Palam looking for them. Of course, of course. No. Nothing wrong with Pelham as a place to live. It's just not a place where single people are right. Absolutely. That's a place where people get married and the bring your kids there for the good school districts. Yes, sir. You're right. So you never wanna be a Manhattan, or maybe if you want them younger, you gotta go to Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Manhattan. Don't waste your time. Where queens the Bronx queens the Bronx Staten Island now. Manhattan. Brooklyn naturally, you go, and what you wanna do you want to stay out of places like any w hotel any any place where a MARTINI is twenty bucks. Because that's where the gold diggers are. Yeah. You wanna go, and there's there's two kinds of places. I think that a particularly right one is a TGI Fridays or a place like TGI Fridays. The by the way, you may. Or may not know this the original the very first TGI Fridays is in Times Square, really. Yeah. And and there are others around, of course, but any place that's light TGI Fridays where they have you know, free apps with cheap apps. And you know, happy hour, cheap drinks. Because as I always say the hot reception is crowd. They they don't wanna pay for their own drinks. And if they have to pay for them they're gonna pay little as necessary. So you wanna go to a place like TGI Fridays, and you wanna go happy hour, which is you know, around quitting time. And that's when they come in the other is the lobby bars of corporate hotels, meaning Marriott Hyatt. Sheraton hotels like that. They've all got lobby bars and who's staying in those hotels. It's people out of town on business. And when you see women, they're they're usually pharmaceutical rap show other kinds of sales people many of them have boyfriends or steady boyfriends or husbands back home in Chicago wherever they're from Atlanta, Dallas, they're staying in the hotel while they in town meeting with clients or possible clients. And they are all around especially on like Sunday night. They fly in on on Sunday. Sunday night. They get into the they check in. They bring their their really bag full of pharmaceutical samples up to the room. They go up there. They call me a husband or the boyfriend and they go Honey, I'm so worn out. I'm just going to go down and grab some you can come right back up here and go to a big day tomorrow. But then what they do is they go down on the hang out at the bar, especially when something's on like Sunday night football Sunday night baseball. And this is low hanging fruit. Would you don't want to be doing and in the northeast? I've talked to so many guys who do this. You know, you're not looking for a girlfriend or wife. You're looking for somebody. You can put the brakes to for an evening, and then then get rid of them. And how can you live in Dallas? Orlando. Or london. How convenient is that definitely a plus? Yeah. Right. Thank you very much, man. Thank you, Mark. Appreciate the call nine zero one three thousand Tom. These are unscreened calls here. Nine zero one three thousand time is the number. It's nine zero one three thousand eight six. This.

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