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That. If necessary. I don't know about that. It is a hopeful thing. But we're going to say all right, 855 407 to 8 to you Get in right now. Dom Giordano, Sitting in for Dr Michael Savage. Join those savage nation, Cole now 855 400 Savage 855 407 to 8 to And I've got this pack of four sharp rescue dogs. Jimmy Coco, another Sharpay. One hug was Joe. I have stuck with the dynamite. My goodness. Probably 56 years back People remark. Really? How? Well my dogs. Look what beautiful coats They've got. I tell. Yep. They get a regular diet of dynamite with every meal kind of bite is nutrition. Definitely would say dog food. It's pandemonium, bacon behalf of sweet and they're up and thrilled that squeaky clean, you don't need to wait until a problem presents itself. It's far better to keep the dog happy and healthy at all times. Dina bite for life. It won't be happy your dog will be able to have again Dinah by I Tel. I get my dino fight from d I n o v i e dot com. Good Friday afternoon. KSFO. It's Katie Green. Here, taking another look at your Bay Area traffic.

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