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That's all we care about what I care about who wins who covers whatever reason for us to watch a cabbage game on Monday you you could allrecipes is you guys could stay for my show watch miles Sanders together I know I totally not Christmas Christmas when all the critters gather around the table I hope we're talking about Willard wearing the phone in nine years do they know about this bit by the way does the prevailing about this this shows on her before by many people not a this is not about your take home no not when I know I know and I want yeah we're not aware of this of this development plus plus I went everybody's gonna know valley honey okay did the good news is so good honey I don't have to wear your underwear yeah yeah exactly one if not both your wives gonna make both you quit this job one of my mind I'm trying for twenty years already so all right before we go we need to know because I know we're on a text read everything and get out we'll try to keep up with this a little bit I may or may not be checking my phone throughout the course a week ink is is everybody who listens knows I like the record stuff so I I may or may not but just give us an idea of each of you the two or three most important players you're hoping will come up big for this weekend so we can like kind of fall those players and see other doing I'll give you mine okay since I never be mean about you go first yeah that's what I'm talking about as I don't want to wear a thong and I'm getting a Tyree killing to get angry yeah tiring will it checked and taken away through Tyree killed my no Sir see that's that and I need Bella check to get four X. healthy away when his adversary but okay hello I'm gonna say I I did something that I didn't want to do but I went with Vance McDonald because they've been Donald has been S. all year he can't catch to save his life sick but he's going against Arizona and then has been literally the one rule of fantasy that is held all the way from week one all the way through is that the the the tight ends against Arizona absolutely dominate and I just heard Jews use may Shuster is out this is because over anyone else falls little can be grown old Vance McDonald Ali is a little affect on the roles.

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