NIH, Dr Tara Palmar, Deputy Director discussed on FRONTLINE: Audiocast | PBS - Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria (Updated)


The nih had never treated a case of kpc before and as the patient was brought into the icu the staff was determined to keep the kpc from spreading to other patients we immediately went on high alert deputy director deputy that henderson the equivalent hospital epidemiology defcon five trying to implement as many things as we could think of at the time to prevent any further spread of the organism in the hospital they called the kpc icu nurse nancy aims learn later that lewis clap on carbon panamanians nazi mouthful but we really didn't know at that met the patient was placed in what we call enhance contact isolation dr tara palmar which means everybody who went in the room including visitors had to wear gloves and gowns the room was at the end of the hall shepherd from other patients but this was the intensive care unit for patients were very sick and highly vulnerable that presented heightened risks this economy place with bacteria can spread with ease people are very busy and in a lot of things going on patients givers separate quickly and require intervention the bacteria can be spread on hands they can be spread on pieces of equipment uh the microphone patient of patients who you have to be really cautious they're efforts to contain the kpc appeared to work when other icu patients were tested for kpc we found nothing so at that point we thought that there had not been spread of the bacteria.

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