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Six eighty talks in play offs is Nick foles kind of your inaugural guy that runs the Bristol radio division for ESPN guy. Yeah. Your inaugural. Just text me goes on is nothing about Philadelphia where everything around Philadelphia. He knows nothing about brands as we were talking about the. Yeah, he's got to go to a barbecue. With an Under Armour polo shirt as his dress up. Here totally is not going out clothes that those are those are not going out. Hey, your inaugural get out for a night on the town. Oh, I got my sweet under armor polo. Those are blowing up. Reading. Out on me. And it's totally incorrect. I don't wear that. So bad on the town. Anyway. Being from Philadelphia. It's very offensive about. Hey, gino's gino's come on, man. What's what's the real one? Because people always say PAT's or gino's, or what's the real Philadelphia cheese steak your dog, I grew up in Dallas Andres, which is in west Philly in a little place called Roxborough. That is the best place to get a Dallas Sandra's style. Sanders. Let me finish. I was saying this g knows I never got finished. Sandra's but rich never let me finish. Right. All right. Thank you. Thank you casino. Casinos. Dad had a Mike Schmidt style. Mustache at one point. Maybe that's a little Philadelphia. Does Goldberg's automatically you're gonna because do you watch the goldbergs? Only very once in a while. Jeff Carlin has a fat bottom lip that bothers me is I expressed to you many times I love Jeff Carlin, but he's got that thing where like. Yeah. Right now, my bottom work moron. So Philadelphia, by the way, any Arab. Sherlock. Moron. Any philadelphia? Eagles fans. Friends you have. My buddy cuss that you just heard me referenced before die hard since we were little kids. Is there is there a sense that I got the inside source is there a sense, he has a nickname for Nick foles that I can't even say here on ESPN. Is Nick foles all the rage is this is he is he ruining Carson Wentz his life. Yeah. Carson Wentz is earning. Carson Wentz his life. If you better get hurt. That's why you're here. It is a part of me that feels like Nick foles we saw by the way at the SP's party, not only namedrop and event drop. We we saw him and said what's up to him at the ESPN after party for the SP's? And he's just like beaches looks like a it's like a regular guy just taller than you. He's a goon kind of. And I'm thinking to myself and they want. Is a Super Bowl champion, and he's sort of. It's like, you know, when you have a plan intact. And then the plan doesn't go into the plan even deep down inside management. Philadelphia did not expect Nick foles to be the savior. And then the following year. Now, we're back to our big investment Carson Wentz. And then it's like he goes down like all right next year next year. Foles just keeps winning back in the playoffs. Like, Nick foles is putting a little positive wrinkle in the Dinkal as you would say. Yeah. For philadelphia. I've always said that. And you know, what there's something? So OSs shucks, see about the guy. He's he got gotta root for him. You know, he's such a humble, dude. As you saw at the SP's. How could you not be pulling for this weekend less? Of course, you're Philly because Phillies the worst right right now. I mean by him I'm talking about him personally. I get it. All right. So as casino enrich, are you following Nick foles on social media? I am not following Nick foles on social media. And if I were do you follow like, sports wise? Because now we have now that we're part of ESPN. We have our own personal pages is rich Davis Steve casino. Of course, our main pages convene, rich and social media. And we have this whole new take about who to follow. And why and there's a new method to demand, I'll be honest. Not not so not so much for ESPN audience. But we talked about this a lot on our uncensored convene on rich show on Sirius. XM a lotta guys follow a lot of unnecessary. She put it that way. Right. What are those budgets do for you? And it's almost like why are we why are we perpetuating the wrong stuff on social media giving condoning like really bad behavior? We're condoning just like the meltdown of society the word I made up it's called vapid and vacant all same vape and people where we're putting that on a pedestal. We really shouldn't maybe don't be so quick to be the lame. Oh that just follows all these random people that don't deserve following now Meyer at actor and actress if you admire a celebrity if you wanna follow LeBron James or you wanna follow Stephen a Smith. You wanna follow someone that you liked their take or what they do. That's one thing. But the follow someone just because they're like like a reality. And they're not they're not playing the two way street of the relationship, and they're not following you back, then really you're just kissing their. But for no reason, exactly. So our theory is. Now nowadays, you have to look at it like reality because there's so much a part of reality and in reality in real life. You wouldn't be friends with somebody that isn't friends with you. It doesn't respect me. Why are we kissing their butts? However, you're still allowed to be fans of people which is why it's okay, I'll I'll follow Antonio Brown or somebody like that. I like because I'm a I'm a fan, but how you really a fan of these other people. Here's the question of how to get their attention. Here's a question. I have for Vegas boy or Travis or as he only went back into the studio. We're we're realizing as we make more and more friends at ESPN, and you know, that whole family there's certain people that you realize through social media or the most liked people in the company, you guys notice that certain people tell slowly becoming though reality also the people that are really clever with how they use or social media. You do realize that such a big company, but there's the same handful of people that you always hear from other people like, oh, yeah, they're funny on social media. But they're really nice people. Like, I'll give a shout out to my boy, max Brighthouse max is great is he the most liked guy at ESPN. He is probably one of the most. Well, liked people here. Better maybe once or twice. But like whenever he's on. I love impersonations that he does is how he comes off like he is my life. But not only not only was he one of the most welcoming people to us. We first got involved we were making our Nacion appearances and things like that the way he comes across on social media. And again, you're saying, well, that's not real. But it is because you're building reputation that way. You know? And like, I said that line is blurred more than ever as fully becoming the point is just be a little pickier and choosier as to who you're supporting on social media. And with that said follow us at Kobe rich and our new our new TV show at now or never ESPN. We'll follow you back will share some love in the opposite direction. We'll make sure we we give you got some love at cove on rich and at now, we're never ESPN. Yeah. Just give us a minute. So. Yeah. Time to rethink it. We did our unfiled frenzy Friday yesterday, and we're going to still continue to on follow vape and people follow les mots. I'm gonna start following nice people that support us. We'll lemus. I'm sorry, rich. You just lost a follower. And. That you really do like any any other athletes that come to mind to like? Yeah. I really liked that guy Jimmy Garoppolo before he disappeared from the season. Yeah. So why not follow him anything? You can't extend to follow core. Of course. Maybe somewhere down the line Travis gonna throw one more person. Tell me is it true. Also, pony Collins. Tony Collins from ESPN she is. Well, she's super sweet neurone Lahser. Yes. Another. Yes. Well, light. I feel like we're starting to really figure out who the who the nice people at ESPN. To be honest. Everyone's been really those two above and beyond for sure. And we're the new guy. So I appreciate it casino. Enrich on ESPN radio the ESPN app in Essex eighty and if you wanna hear this this take in further depth and detail check out our talk show casino enrich on siriusxm on demand. You people that just don't. And it's just not really worthy. But we're rich. You could call us on the shell Pennzoil performance line. We gotta talk sports don't want. This is my favorite weekend of football. This divisional round, they know the championship round and the Super Bowl. That's the big time. But for me the most excitement is wild card weekend and divisional round, and that's this week next week. So I'm fired up. So we'll break down some of the games in fact after we're on later on today on ABC and ESPN colts Texan, so we'll talk some of that as well as Leonard getting booed. I want to prepare your thoughts on this. Love. Kawhi. We'll talk with the impression of quiet booming back. More could be non rich next on ESPN radio. On.

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