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Reporting and john roberts that rex tillerson sources telling him that uh rex tillerson secretary of state will step down now the news media is going to do lots of aha see we told you which is just more of their idiocy because they're flippant idiots and liars you know it's very common for people to come in and take some of these high falutin government possessions and spend a year or so doing them and then move on particularly if you come from outside of government you come from the real world and you find that the world of government is so crazy and the media environment if you're republican is so vicious and disgusting that you can't wait to get outta here and take a long long shower to see if you can rinsed the whole thing off of you the swamp stinks and it drives away good people and that's one of the reasons that we elected trump present in the united states they can think whatever you want about trump we've had it with these these rectal aperture is that have been growing up in the in the government industry in the business these apparatchik sovietstyle government p paul and running everything into the ground and and these frauds on charlatans and the media it's great is i mean i've got to say i don't i don't like to take pleasure and other people's suffering but i'll make an exception in a few cases you're like matt lauer and and charlie rose and a mark helprin and the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and their democrats democrats democrats democrats and there again i guess there are a couple of republicans um but not really much to speak up one republican number the house apparently sent an inappropriate picture two woman sometime becker woman with whom i think he was engaged in a in a sexual relationship but um but there's that so newsweek went back after catching lots of gulf from people on on the twitter machine and they changed their headline chris reodica typing for the democrat party and being paid by newsweek they changed the headline ivanka trump recycles one of her own speeches in india are you kidding me you people you people are you are excrement sir chris riyadh up your what are what are honestly what are you.

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