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Heard police have arrested, a man of Daffy allegedly ran away from a traffic stop leaving behind the van with fifteen people inside the driver arrested as he walked highway one. Oh, nine, near Eureka police conducting a traffic stop Thursday. Say the driver and one passenger jumped out and ran away inside the van. Thirteen others who spoke no English and didn't have any identification. They in the recaptured passenger who ran were turned over to ice yesterday, Eureka police, say they plan to submit their report to prosecutors who will make a decision on whether any charges will be filed. Battle will help the woman accused of fatally shooting band to divert attention from herself in the investigation of another killing will go to trial in June, the St Louis post dispatch reports. Judge set the trial date today up as claims. She shot Lewis 'co burger as he tried to kidnap her prosecutors, say she staged the events to make it look like a kidnapping attempt. They've answered the who, what? When and where in the Las Vegas shooting case. But police still don't know why there's plenty of information in there involving his finances. His movements in the days leading. Up to the shooting, how he bought all his weapons where he was but in terms of the why that is. The, question, that is outstanding even sheriff Joe Lombardo in. That press conference today said quite simply we've answered all the questions accept why. A federal judge is calling unacceptable a plan by the Trump. Administration to have the American Civil Liberties union take charge of reuniting hundreds, of immigrant, children with their parents more on that from CBS news correspondent Bill Rakoff the judge in a conference call today slammed. The administration for the plan which puts the onus of reunifying the families on the ACLU particularly finding parents in their home countries such as Guatemala El, Salvador and Honduras the ACLU had. Sued on behalf of those separated parents demanding that. Government take significant steps to find the parents on their own as, of July four hundred thirty one children whose parents were outside the country. Were in US custody, Bill? Raikov CBS news Washington the girl at the focus. Of an amber alert in the Washington DC area has been located there's a twist, to the story we get more From CBS news, that attorney, for the parents of Jinjing moss as it was they and not kidnappers that. Picked up their daughter at Reagan national airport near Washington yesterday morning taking, her back, to their New York City era home the attorney says, the parents have been living in the US for about two years and they haven't seen their daughter in that time as she stayed behind with, relatives in China the attorney says that the parents have met with f. b. i. investigators but the investigation is. Not over Bill Rakoff CBS news cable news time five oh three US supreme court nominee judge Brett Cavanaugh continues to make the rounds, with lawmakers he'll meet with democratic Missouri Senator Claire mccaskill, on Tuesday the twenty-first. Mccaskill says in a statement she looks forward to. Thoroughly examining judge Kavanagh's record as the Senator considers his nomination to replace Justice Kennedy casco's office also wrote in. A news release that she's voted for more than two thirds of President Trump's, nomination since, he. Took office this is going to be a boon for restaurant and hospitality in Saint Louis that's. Explore Saint Louis chief marketing officer. Brian hall talk Talking about next. Week's PGA championship at Bellerive country club the world's best golfers will be bringing with them tens of thousands of fans from all around the world and his hall points out are going to stick around a why these eighty thousand people that are going to, be coming here from outside of the community are not. Going to stay for a day or two they're going to be staying for several, days because many of them especially those that are avid golf fans are going to stay for, the entire duration of the tournament Paul says explore Saint Louis and the, PGA have eighty five hundred rooms at thirty hotels under, contract he says, the, tournament that begins with the. Practice rounds. Monday and ends with the awarding of the Wanamaker. Trophy on Sunday will generate, one hundred million dollars in. Economic impact Brian Kelly NewsRadio eleven twenty, cammo ex.

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