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It's Friday March eighth two thousand nineteen names Jack O'Brien, aka it seems today that all u c magazine the headlines and Trump on TV aware of those I gang get the hot take somewhere who used to rely lucky. There's a dailies. I guys lucky. There's a podcast second rate, but not less collective conscious. Every time he is Jack O. Thank you. Thank you. That is courtesy of Michael hill. Really did it at Migas solid an-and throw to be joined by my co host, Mr. miles. Miles a second. Rick. Live by the sea and frolics in the gray miss in a land. Call TD's. I wish there were more weed references in that aka, but we can't win. Thank you so much to add blue, I doubt. I hope you're not living in. Well, yeah. You know, that's provided that last, you know. Gift to have when I'm over caffeinated. Yeah. We're gonna say we can't win them. All but you said we can't win which was very please note. Not to criticize your no. Notable. Look just don't psychoanalyze lyrics fan. Like you've been doing last three days of every song from nineteen nineteen right, right? Oh, man. We are. I am. I have one foot in today's guys but another foot in design of nineteen ninety nine because we have our live show coming up this weekend dynasty typewriter where we are going deep like the year nineteen.

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