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Hey everyone welcome in to another edition of the pod you're in vegas or nb eight in summer league great visit with pelicans executive vice president of basketball operations david griffin we got into a lot of detail on the anthony davis trade the drafting of zion williamson reshaping of the pelicans organization david griffin i rarely talk a lot about the future of team building in the way that player movement is impacted the way teams have to approach building out plans and how windows to win have shortens brave visit griff now the quality of the podcast is not what you may be used to sound wise on the pod my fault but we try to parse through these audio the best we can are producer andrew hind did a tremendous job but my fault but still very good pod at great visit with david griffin i promise the next one will sound better so here's my visit with new orleans executive vice president of basketball operations david griffin chris being back in this job a having a team again what is it like to wake up in the morning go to bed at night having that feeling that purpose yeah so it's it's a wonderful feeling but doing the two years but i was away from the team in in doing television is falling in love with the game of basketball again you've fallen in love with the sport itself every night you go to bed it's that result that you're fixated on the next coming result really become very myopic and you lose sight of the human being you really wanna be i talked to say impressed me about this a lot when i was doing television and now i think there should be a forced a sabbatical every seven to ten years for front office executive because it really does give beauty ability to see things differently to combat things with fresh eyes and it's certainly been beneficial to me this time around when you were evaluating this job and you knew walking into it the challenges that were immediate beginning with the anthony davis trade 'em how you were gonna handle that conversations you had with gale benson and the ownership group here about what they wanted in their next head of basketball operations nations 'em what what is the mets did you got when you walked in there you met with you ownership groups in your time away and i think some of the others i don't know that it went listen new york philadelphia just name a couple i don't know that it got very deep i don't know that you you had a sense that not right for me in this one right away there was something i told you i think worth yeah so i i think during the time that i've been in the league from from very early on in the time i was in a really kind of looked at the people who were the best at running teams and i felt like they had found their place and they found their owner and i've always believed that this is about that i don't think you can be a truly special executive in are business if you don't have a relationship but the ownership we're all pulling in the same direction all the time ownership is the single biggest competitive advantage we have in the league and if you confined you're owner the person and you move in lockstep where you have a chance to be successful and i felt very very quickly in the process with mrs benson in her ownership team that these were the people i want to really try to dive into this way if they believed in me that i believed in their vision we were very much like minded in in because of that i went from thinking originally that i wasn't sure i was interested to very early in the process first meeting with mrs bent and i thought but i really wanna be here every day since it's i've been more and more grateful that i i am weight when you first got into bnb ache read the reviews end might have been if you have.

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