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Rodriguez. Alex rodriguez. Ryan Howard, and Lou Gehrig and Rafael Devers, eight runs batted in. So far in this postseason and the way that he's done it the consecutive games. The fact that he learns you can see him justifying after he's had multiple bats against pitchers. We talked about that the series with the Houston Astros. And so he leaves devils out there plays third base. Get the hit has an RBI. But then he knew he had Nunez. He knew he had Nunez waiting on the bench. And so with a five four Red Sox lead another one of these Corey decisions comes into play. It was a ripple effect from a decision made by Dave Roberts. And there you get the yin and Yang, right? You get the decision that works out versus the decision that doesn't. And here we sit and we either validate or we criticize based on results, but sports is results based business. So the Red Sox are up five to four Pedro bias comes on in the seventh inning for Dave Roberts and he gets to strikeouts. He puts LA then on the cusp of escaping damage. But Dave Roberts pulls him for Alex would after the two strikeouts. And again now you've got guys on base and or a guy on bass at the time there was an intentional walk there. So you had you ended up to strikeouts around an intentional walk. And then Dave Roberts puts an Alex would. And so in response to that here comes Edward Nunez. And what does it Nunez do? But he promptly hits a bullet. Golf's bullet out. And you're gonna get out. Maybe I wasn't sure it was going to get out. But it turns into a pinch hit three run home run. Not only does the devils decision workout but sodas the Nunez. Like the Midas, touch and the Red Sox ended up winning eight to four we'll give you the numbers on Clayton Kershaw. Chris sale who were the starters. But neither one of them got an out into the fifth inning. And so it was onto the bullpens quality starts are so yesterday, they're so old school. But I'm fascinated again by this decision that Cora made which is unconventional Nunez thought. He was going to be starting in place of Rafael Devers because of Clayton Kershaw on the mound. When he came in. Probably he was a little bit disappointed that he then start because he's been started against every lefty. But we felt that RAFI was going to hang in there with kershow, and we're gonna have we're having him on the bench. It was going to pay off. It's certainly did it paid off in the seventh inning. So when is able to counter with the Nunez right handed bat instead of divers. Well, then it gets the three run home run. It's after hours here on CBS sports radio. So Chris sale allows three runs on five hits. He gets out on the mound in the fifth inning. But doesn't get an out a couple of walks in there and seven strikeouts. And there's talk about his velocity dropping some some being analysts being worried about his stamina and kind of charting what was happening. And it certainly wasn't a smooth start for either one of these guys I thought once Clayton and Chris got through the fourth inning relatively quickly and unscathed that we might see them go through the fifth end, but sales pitch count was already up and Kershaw then got two runners onto the fifth without getting an out. And so both managers then made a move, but for sale chorus as he got exactly what he needed to say that a good job taking pictures and follow pitches. Stuff wise, probably the best in the postseason, and he feels really good. Nope. Rollins with the belly button. Plus get to know you'll be okay for his next one over under on how many more times we hear a reference to the belly button ring, the phantom belly button ring that caused Chris sale stomach issues all set the line at this is for the rest of the World Series. Also at the line at. Five. Are you going over under Chris what do you think over under? I'll go over go over Isaac. What do you think? More reverence over you. More references from Alex Cora to the belly button. Ring why not actually his teammates will probably bring it up to. It'll be it'll be. Gordon? That's cheating. So now, we're at four behind the double paned glass as we're Clayton Kershaw. He left in the fifth inning with two runners on both of them came across the score. Because Ryan Madson had a blow up relief appearance. There was a wild pitch the runners advantage. There was a walk. There was a hit in there in so curtain Kershaw said curtain Kershaw ends up being charged with five runs on seven hits. He does have five strikeouts. But definitely not what he was hoping for in his first appearance at Fenway park. So hard team to beat no.

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