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It's just another way. They look after you not just your account. It's free for card members. Just sign up online at discover dot com slash free alerts. Limitations apply. A few clouds at sunshine, the SAF two beautiful afternoon, right where we should be near seventy nine overnight tonight. Some clouds early sixty two tomorrow few clouds and sunshine, eighty one I'm meteorologist Ray Stagich from the Weather Channel on one six one FM. This report is sponsored by Hampton by Hilton the key to every great road trip a full tank of gas and full stomachs. And when you stay at any of Hampton by Hilton twenty four hundred locations you can start every day with free hut breakfast. Book your next day now at Hampton dot com. Next news in thirty minutes. Follow us on social media. Go to six one FM talk dot com to connect wanna get healthy, you wanna feel better. But you don't wanna take pills or just drink the shake over and over again or Jack hormones because why would you then the health dare is what you seek implementing changes in your lifestyle. That are easy to adapt to and showing big results type two diabetes symptoms. Reduced. You've got more energy. You're looking great. And no, Jim Nikki and Maggie valley to this program in a wheelchair and lost sixty pounds. So if you're ready to learn more about the healthier and take advantage of the buy one get one half off. So you in a friend or you wanna spouse can do it. Call eight seven seven I dare me or log onto I dare Raleigh dot com. Even in my own home. I had my own. Designated space to smoke. I think about it really was like I was punishing myself of mine said why wouldn't you just try the jewel? And so I went out and I bought one the idea of going back to smoking. I couldn't even imagine doing that. I don't think anyone including myself thought that I could switch. Caroline made this witch October twenty sixteen make this which at J U, L dot com. Warning. This product contains nicotine nicotine is an addictive. We've surprising online reviews. Whether scoping out a spot for vacation or trying to find the best happy hour. So why should finding software for your business? Be any different with over eight hundred fifty thousand software reviews. Make an informed decision with capterra. Capterra is the leading free online resource to help you. Find a best business software from applicant tracking to workflow software, read reviews and over seven hundred categories from users just like you. Join the four million people that use capterra each month. Find the right software today with capterra C A P T E R R, A dot com slash radio. Guardians of the graph run with us on a. John Deere X three hundred select series lawn. Tractor built for versatility. Because when you take pride in your lawn. You do it all you, mulch Spag all grow MO and a whole lot more. And that's why the x three hundred series takes care of everything with tach minutes for all your spring and summer projects because you're not just doing yard work. You're creating common ground for the whole neighborhood to enjoy nothing runs like a deer run with us. Search John Deere x three hundred for more. At least three ways to listen at them the iheartradio app and the podcast Casey is on one six one FM talk in the triangle and ninety four five WPI in the triad. And good morning. Eight thirty six. Here on your Tuesday. This is this.

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