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No, I'm trying to be on this shit now to where it's like I wanna pull myself out of the thing that the world is in right now. Well, the timing of it human beings. It's not just the world, the human, the human condition is to want all the time. Yeah, you define yourself on your desires, but you go from one to want to want and the Buddhists have this idea of getting stepping outside of them. It's why people ask me all the time to do you sell your art and white. And I say no, and they go went out and I goes because it doesn't matter. It doesn't the the making. It is the thing to me. It doesn't the paintings, like a receipt, you frame the receipt for a meal. You liked not really keep the fucking the receipt from concert. You went to like kinda, but it doesn't matter. It's it's, this is the timing we think exist now, especially in the age of social media show. Biz timing isn't real staffing season. Listen real thing. Yeah, there's a group called the history of time, and it talks about when they split from mechanical time to farm time or sometime when they because it's not the same. If you go by the sun, it's like fifteen minutes off. Well, which ones real, which one are you? Gonna depend. Which one can you argue is real one was ones nerd time and the other one's like earth time. So I'm going to be like, fuck you earth time. Dork over here came up with another thing. He's got this system right? And from then on, we just subscribed to this all these various ideas. It's like when you tell my brother, I talked about my dad on Barrett, and my brother after the fact was like what you said isn't entirely true. Like because I was making fun of on the way home, he wanted to get beef jerky and I thought it was funny and like he asked the rescuers Vigo in the helicopter like the look because the hell example, yeah, which is in retrospect, hilarious. Also God bless. He's trying to enjoy himself during the worst ten of any of our lives and help. And he's like, that's not what happened. And then he tell. And I'm like, maybe your memories right in minds wrong. I don't fuck in no have it's why I don't talk about relationships in my past relationships in a way that's like, well, this is what happened with that. Robert Evans quote, there's there's three sides to every story, your side, my side and the truth, and nobody's lying literally, no one's lying perception is so real reception is everything everything. So the notion that is I get older, I just get quieter. There's the idea of his history from my perspective, which is from the winters perspective, a western perspective versus history from someone from China, some from Vietnam, someone from Russia, World War Two from the Russian perspective you go. We're like, we came in and cedar like Honey. Yeah, what's what's history? Yeah. What's history like? Don't do. Don't do drag. That's not how they taught Honey, really do, but I liked it and that's permanent into the Russian mindset. It. More to you. See what Russia's Russia needs drag rushing as well. There's a really good drag. That's a Russian character. That's his whole thing. It's brilliant. He's really got you. I got you and Trixie they have a YouTube show that is insanely popular. Really? Yeah, they're hilarious. Chen? What? Trixie. All right. Mark, that down. All right. We'll do. Kevin, Chris, this is why I miss you. God damn good. I never get to talk to you. I routinely described. Here's the funniest person I've met here that more funny words per sentence than most people. Thank you. So you've kept yourself in shape? Yes, sir. You're still fighting weight whether you want to fight or not. I'm ready. A couple a couple of weeks out, but we, I mean where you live so far away, be hard to play tennis. I know Jay Larsen plays tennis to you guys. I mean, where do you live in Los Angeles. I'm never happen. That's the problem with Kirk box. You know what, though a video tape it, I'll send it to, you know, we'll make some tapes, but what eventually we could find Beverly Hills, tennis club, sort of in the middle law CNN like PICO. Yeah, they got a nice court..

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