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Helps us continue to grow here within the podcast platform to get pushed out in expand and grow more or less nurse. We certainly appreciate it. If this is the only podcast. You're listening to within the podcast network. Do yourself a favor type in mc into that little search icon and you guys will be guided to twenty to twenty five different shows within all different genres all different topics whether it's books health and fitness weird news football sports related non-sports. Whatever it is you guys can get fantastic. Content pushed directly to your device by searching. Mc and checking out the other shows within the podcast network but before we get into the american league. Cy young conversation recording this year late wednesday night. Joey votto has recently passed or just past. Pete rose for third all time on the cincinnati reds are b. i list. He's got four. Rbi's here on wednesday against the atlanta braves which now putsches impasse. Pete rose pete. Rose said one thousand thirty six for the cincinnati reds and joey votto now has one thousand thirty eight based on live. I'm recording here wednesday night. This is third all time now. He is just our fourth all time. Let's see here. He behind bid mcphee. Who's got one thousand and seventy two. So he could be passed later this year. If not early next year tony perez one thousand one hundred ninety two and then i all time is johnny bench with one thousand three hundred seventy six. Now joey votto become all time on this list. Well he's under contract for three more years with cincinnati twenty five million dollars in twenty twenty to twenty five million dollars in twenty three and then twenty million dollars in two thousand twenty four so three more years if he has great years once again. Say three hundred total are b. is he's currently at one thousand and thirty eight so that would put him one thousand three hundred thirty eight still just behind johnny bench. So it's going to be tough for him to pass. Johnny bench certainly doable if he has a couple of more fantastic years but it definitely looks like he's at least going to be second place certainly hitting that twelve hundred mark but johnny bench. One thousand three hundred. Seventy six is a stretch goal for joey. But joey votto having himself a heck of a night here once again for the is two home runs against the atlanta braves as they were tied at five last time. I checked here again late wednesday night. Let's pull it up one more time. Seal to where we're at here. Bottom of the ninth to on for the for the braves so they could win it here. In the bottom of the ninth but four. Rbi's for joey. Votto puts him ahead of. Pete rose on the all time list for the cincinnati reds. So now talking about the american league cy young race. What's going on here with the cy young award. Well we've had some recent movement when it comes to the arts and this has to do with the carlos roa don injury as recently as this week rodion was arguably your favorite but if he's going to miss extended time here now the books whether it's online or vegas have made some adjustments and ultimately changed up the hot so we're going to run through the top ten here starting out with plus eight thousand. You got two guys at plus eight thousand. The first gentleman onion review for the toronto blue jays. He is eleven and five this year with a three six two era in twenty two games. He's got one hundred and twenty. Six innings pitched one hundred and three strikeouts and a one point one a whip. So he's obviously been very good not nearly as good as he was last year. I mean honestly the last three years. He's been a fantastic twenty eight team. Era of one nine seven twenty three to twenty twenty two six nine so even though he's been good once again at a three six two er a he's a little bit below his prior. Averages is prior er as so. I think that puts him certainly on the outside looking in and definitely a long shot when it comes to win this award next on the list of eight thousand lucas g alito. He's certainly started to figure things out. He started out. Slow this year But a sense really bounce back in one and put himself back into the tops consideration. He is nine and eight with a three eight one. Era in twenty three starts so honestly the record of nine and eight. Three eight one. I think removes him from this conversation. He does have one hundred fifty three strikeouts in one hundred. Thirty seven innings. So it's not like he's been poor through any conversation but with came in huntington review both that Plus eight thousand i. I would certainly put a hinge in review ahead of him when it comes to the odds an potentially be a winning the award and having a late push here now a couple gentlemen come in at plus six thousand. So you're next year when it comes to this award in the american league first off. You have jose burritos now of the toronto blue jays and again he was traded from one american league team to another american league team so he certainly still remains eligible for this award. And it's tough for burritos right because he was on a very bad team in the minnesota twins. And i think this is part of the reason why he's this low now. Through to starts in toronto he is one point seven five era. He's allowed one run. In twelve innings with minnesota he was seven and five with an array of three four eight and for a team in minnesota. That's double digit games under five hundred for him to be over. Five hundred certainly speaks to the year that he was having. Now i think the trade in potentially this move here right if he goes to toronto and somehow goes seven and no eight. No has an ira right around one. One one five one five it could elevate him up higher amongst this list especially if he's one of the reasons why toronto's able to make a playoff push. This could be a big feather in his cap right. It takes me back to two thousand and eight when abacha was traded from the indians. To the brewers. I threw on three days. Rest down the stretch had a fantastic record low. Era ended up winning the national league. Cy young award because he carried that brewers team essentially to a playoff appearance. I think something similar could happen. This year burritos goes on one of these runs and subsequently carries the blue jays to the postseason so outside the value shot. Here you know on joseba rio that if they get hot he could certainly spike up here. A pyre this list lance mccullers junior for houston at plus six thousand. He is nine and three with the three to era in nineteen starts. He's got one hundred nine innings one hundred and twenty eight strikeouts. It's been a one probably a career year for lance mccullers. Of course he missed all of twenty nineteen due to injury shortened season last year went three three with a three nine three. Era in having a really good year nine. Three three two two but houston's very good they got a deep pitching staff. I just don't see him being able to carry that the way with his name and his performance to ultimately get that recognition to really drive home a potential. Cy young move here. That's why i think burrito says better value at plus six thousand just due to circumstances and ultimately having that kind of it factor. Come down the stretch next week. Two guys i plus four thousand starting out with nathan ugalde nathan evolved for the red sox nine and seven three nine two era. I mean again. I don't see it with nathan evolving. I know boston's had a nice year. He's had himself a nice here. But in era right around four. I just don't think he's got enough of the goods to ultimately launch himself into that conversation. When it comes to cy young potentially right so the other gentlemen at plus four thousand is chris. Bassett and chris bassett leads. The american league in innings pitched with one hundred forty four. He is also eleven in three with a three one nine. Era in twenty three games. One hundred and forty seven strikeouts one point zero four. Whip do think he could potentially be in conversation coming down the stretch oakland if they continue to make a push here and win the american league west. Eventually i think bassett is certainly going to be in that conversation..

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