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But tanaka gray montgomery they all got their stuff figured out i mean severino campaign every day and hopefully i mean you're gonna have games where you're going to have pitching i mean the astros yankees again i think air coal invert lander in charlie morton and dolls kaikal and when i say color just fine we're going up against that lineup when they have sunny gray and their lineup on the other side i mean you've got gotta feel like so much more so much even that much more confident if or if you're garrett cole and you're going against masahiro tanaka and you have your lineup behind you with with korea and and springer i mean you really have very happy back there you see your facing your live fill this on your crap but i think you're going to get some support in that game all right for this segment comeback cubs little bit as they are now in second place in that crazy central wall street's and talk on the in the final segment so i'm ready satan we'll be right back precision medicine holds great promise for treating genetic diseases such as certain types of cancers to drive progress harvard business school executive education has developed a new program accelerating innovation in precision medicine which brings together leaders from business science medicine and technology to explore new models for advancing personalized medicine the program takes place on the boston campus in september learn more by clicking the banner or visiting hp dot me slash precision that's h b s dot me slash precision when we go out to eat lean never agree on where to go and burgers he talk owes it is the one thing we do agree on is we all want unlimited highspeed data that's why we switched to metro pcs stop by metro pcs with the whole family and get four lines with unlimited lt data for just one hundred dollars period metro pcs wireless figured out coverage not available in summaries requires me line during congestion the fraction of customers using more than thirty bucks per month made us reduce speeds video streams at forty p c.

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