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The resolution that i have many have yes in better shape To classic jimmy. Now you know this about me. You know that i use the ron. I work out. I've used The people who were about to talk about beach body. I've used t twenty-five with the t. Though the the famous sean t we love about him He's one of the best in the business. We we still we quote him oliver escorted in the other day Because his he's got you know the things that he says to get motivated or whatever and one of his a assistance the example Person is just had a baby and he always comments on the fact that you you guys all know. Tanya she just had a baby in the background goes. Oh that's so i would something daniels you remember. And then you just mentioned so. Sean t. and beach body are in the part o'kane households in your hearts. Here's what i love about beach body. And i think it's actually perfect for right now during the pandemic where you can't go to the gym you pop this thing on the street. It's therefore you. They've got over fifteen hundred at home. Workouts plus nutrition plans. So no matter. What your goals are. They have a program that help you build and keep healthy habits. I've talked about beach. Body and sean t t twenty-five even before they sponsor yes you were all hyped up on them and then They came a calling. And we're like great. This is a perfect fit. We already Can talk about it. And from a place of knowing how readiness they've also got that p ninety x which of course people. I i know a guy that was a famous rock and roll band. That did it and it worked and then he said i said what are you doing. And he said. I'm doing the p ninety x and it was like holy crap. It's working. He looks great. Was bill haley. Went down and it was just just bad timing band bill. Haley know idi also died in a plane crash. Bill haley is the comets. Yeah didn't he died in the plane crash. I don't know. I can't keep track of all the famous rock stars. Who died in a plane crash. No i don't think so either. I think i was conflating. Three different people and answering you. Yeah i was just checking. Because i was like this might be new information for me about bill. Haley also insanity and the twenty one day fix They got new programs like the muscle. Burn fat and eighty day obsession They got great trainers. That got tony horton joel. Freeman autumn calories and of course degrade. Sean t I think i saw sean t in the while the other day out in out in the world. Oh my gosh But i didn't want to be the guy to go are you on t. And then it's not. And then i look like an idiot yeah They've programs for all fitness levels. Bodybuilding weight training cardio yoga high intensive impact training. I call it Dance workouts They've got workout. Calendars progress trackers listened. This is fantastic. You can even work out short. It's ten minutes yeah That don't require extra equipment so the time it takes you to get up and go to jim back when we did that. You could be done by then. Yeah and you could actually this these things anywhere your computer you smart tv. Your tablet and smartphone roku apple. Tv chromecast more. Now here's the deal. Here's the never not funny deal you understand. Listening listeners. Have never not funny can try it right now absolutely free. Whoa that's cool so you could be like me and do that T twenty-five amid we're doing it at the same time and we don't know it. That's kind of billy. Yeah that's that's kind of like Five was a movie with the look up into the sky. And its people bryson singing. And i think some where The the rescuers. Jimmy's doing t twenty-five I know it's five goes west is the sequel. What was the rescuers. I want to say. It's the rescuers right. You have to give me money. I will give you money because there's not the rescuers are you. Look that up. I tell you this. Twenty twenty s.

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