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Orlando Bloom before Evan Spiegel and you had to be with Orlando Bloom and you're like well. Evans Evan has naturally dry skin. It's part of his genetics. It's it's interesting because I have an eight year old son who has a different at Orlando Bloom and I've always used products on him and his skin's always been great. It's like Orlando's. Baby has great skin but Evans baby has ugly skin. It's so rude. It's also just like Oh compare me to Orlando Bloom Sean Fair so unfair Katy Perry his skin is so I hate it because it's good his skin is never that's why it was never that's why it was never really over because you can get enough his skin. His skin is so soft but that's the thing it's like. This is for her her skin line. Oh my God I just realized why Katy Perry was at her skin launch because they're now like blended family telling atop telling a magazine your one year old child has bad skin is so fucked up. I can't get over. It gets fucked up. It's also just so stupid. What a we what a wild approach to parenthood like critiquing your baby's skin public publicist? Sell your own cream probably shitty cream. It's all the same Shit Oh okay. I have to move on because I'm getting hype we gotta go to Rita. was she wary. Where was she seen? She posted on instagram. She's a WHO clean ten EH. What's Rita Ora up to who is this woman? Rita is up to so much stuff. I know it's so much stuff. It's so much she's up to so much that she's having to cancel stuff because there's too much stuff which you cancel which killed her appearance at Bedford Park Concerts Bobby said that she cancelled her Amazon prime and I was like she did not cancel her Amazon concert. She literally made like ten million dollars just like farting like she did not cancel that that's great that's great check but after the Amazon Prime Concert was supposed to play at the Bedford Park concerts which I guess was sort of a music festival type thing and there are a lot of performers and she was one of them and when she cancelled it was a big seek to do and this is the person who was in charge of managing the festival like released this long statement about how like the show must go on. We tried to like make this all work out at couldn't I'm so sorry this is work but we're replacing her with not one not two but the three different artists because one rita equals three. WHO's Tom Odell? Tom Walker and Louisa Johnson. It took those three people to replace Rita really that three different who's to replace Queen who the up to a she shot a new ad for remember. She's like a remote spokesperson I just that she's still doing stuff for remmel brands love her she keeps getting contracts renewed incredible incredible incredible <hes> and then her little brother graduated from university a lot of photos of this because Rita posted this and also the other aura. What's her mom's Eva Aura? No it's on Eva. It's like okay. I don't know anyway I saw a lot of photos of the brother <hes> he graduated yet graduate Don Right Dr Don Aura <hes> it's cute cute photos of big sister hugging younger brother out of read Auras brothers she went the Real Nora Nora and then there was this read or a bursts out of white bikini top energetic Europe. She didn't really burst out of it. She didn't it's like a normal close. Close right bursting out of there it's true and my other favorite headline that she's involved in from the daily. Mail was Meghan Barton Hanson Picture Love Island and stars shares several passionate kisses with well-connected male model whose dad is the clashes basis as the duo swap numbers in Soho. You're like Lindsey Wears Rita. <hes> don't worry three bullet points down from this to bullet points down from this is the handsome chap is friends with singers as Rita Ora carriage Eh Levin and it's huge daisy lava. That's an important bullet because it's because you're probably wondering why do I care and it's like well. You Care Because Reno Reader so Megan Barn Hansen the one who stole the hamsters is smooching the clashes. Che's basis son. WHO's a model because that's what you've gotta be? When you're a if you have nepotism and no scale your model and he is friends with Rita Ora Care de Levin and Daisy Lowe de member who daisy lowe is

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