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The artist Ju Ju ju ju ju ju ju ju ju ju ju ju ju ju ju do do you do Jack to do And I feel like a woman tonight, Wayne. Damn right. Yeah, Hell, yeah. You win a prize! Hold on one second. Dude. Don't let your phone die again. Those good John. Thanks, man, 7275791 or 25 and 807 71125. Hey, Can you hear me? E thought, I think we might have M C search, But I'm not quite sure we might have to wait till we go to break it is ah. He just sent me a Skype meeting request, And I think we're working it out. Yeah. I don't think you'll get it, though. Yeah. Joey needs to get it. Hello. Hi. Hi. Who are you? Oh, hi. I'm Sarah. Sarah. What's up? I was calling to play jerky, OK, but will give us a genre we got here. We got a couple of prize pack so we probably haven't given away organs. Okay, goodness gracious, um Oh, about rap. Oh, that's good rap. All right. Oh, John, In honor of our guest today, M c search. What if we made a white rap? Okay. Are we allowed to do that? I think we did. Okay. Are you going first? I am I going first. This time you go first. It's not really Is there really that many to pick from? No, There's not. You could make it any kind of. Oh, I think I got one, though. All right, Um Okay. Hold on. I need a second. I need a second. Mm. Okay. Mm hmm..

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