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This massive bill in the legislative text and what they've been doing is walking House Democrats through this line by line to make sure everybody understands. Also knew tonight. California Governor Gavin Newsom is beginning a 10 Day quarantine after a member of the staff tested positive for covert 19 Newsome's a spokesperson releasing the news early Monday morning. The governor tested negative for the coronavirus today, but we'll be tested again in a few days and it comes this. California Republicans have spearheaded multiple efforts to recall the Democratic governor, but the latest attempt could get in. Extra push. The latest recall effort against Newsome got started last spring, but has gained Mo mentum in recent weeks. The petition, led by a group called the California Patriot Coalition, now has more than 860,000 signatures. Organizer's claim Rising homelessness, crime rates Unaffordable housing and covert restrictions are all fueling this effort. It's the six time Newsome has faced a recall petition. But the first one again, this much traction so much so that former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown and elder statesman in the California Democratic Already says Newsome should take this recall effort very seriously Warning in an op ed in the San Francisco Chronicle this weekend. Quote Newsome knows he got a target on his back and had a recall may indeed make the ballot. The talk. Fox's Christina Coleman America is listening to Fox News. From the bunk News Podcasts Network downloaded. Listen to everyone Talks to Liz had my guest today quit after the 10th of the business he had started, he would have missed out on becoming Silicon Alley's first billionaire. What kept him going, I'm going to ask John or injure Right now, Each failure any word from it took a lot of learning to get success. The interesting part. I didn't think sure cycles actually going to be the one that works,.

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