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You're listening to public radio and the takeaway dr jackson board of trustees i am honored to become a wild pat and it's a real honor and privilege to be with you as we celebrate the cookman university two thousand seventeen that was us education secretary betsy devos being booed at the historically black college bethune cookman university in florida last may students turn their backs in protest at the commencement ceremony it's no secret black voters overwhelmingly when against president donald trump you're only eight percent of a black vote and a string of racially charged conversations and controversies including the president calling white supremacist protesters quote good people inflamed tensions between the administration and black communities still on friday president trump signed a bill boosting funds for historically black colleges by fourteen percent i want to repeat that president donald trump is giving more money to historically black colleges it's the latest in a growing list of investments in america's historically black colleges coming from the white house so right now black colleges are engaged in an extremely delicate dance as they work with administration that's wildly unpopular with students and alumni humid l grimes is the interim president of bethune cookman university he's here to talk with us about that delicate deaths low president greetings and how are you today.

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