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A couple of things we didn't get to for monday. That happened over the some very sad news. Brian don't know if you even knew whether or not this gentleman had been alive at that point but veteran actor ned beatty has died eighty three. Yeah i told andy goes. Are you sure this old story like no. He made his film debut in one thousand nine hundred to deliverance. Otis debut according to the rap then went on to have memorable roles network and superman toy story. Three all the president's men even on roseanne. The first thing i remember seeing him in a movie that would never be remade in a million years the toy. Remember that movie. Richard pryor richard. Pryor ned beatty. Jackie gleason That it's the kind of this. Jackie gleason big. Macher is made people. Say big tycoon of some point of some type and kinda broad brushes up against the kkk. Which comes up a lot in the movie and he sees richard pryor working at a mall messing around and working at night and the kid. Jackie gleason kid. Says i want that guy i want him to buy him and bring him home to me. The someone notable scott. He was in another movie. I loved kinko about the no. He's notable because he did porn as well. that's why he's notable. How do i follow all former child actor though alerts me when the next young actor gets into porn. I see the whole point doesn't if someone has invented that they better fucking get on it. Yeah that's kind of a mr skin thing. That's an offshoot. So the whole point of the movie was they bought. It was the whole thing like you want to buy a black man. You can't buy black man like this was this was in the movie. Richard pryor for a guy who did who's known as being on the vanguard of the edgy s and best yet stand up in the world throughout history. Did some really weird lame. Just schmaltzy was boosters. Millions lame better movies but it probably still was a little if you get a poster max. Pat of the poster for busting loose. Dad is a crazy. I think there was one where he was one called. Busting loose and one where it was just called moving. I think it's no stacey dash carvey or they in the that was bad version of moving or that was vacation. Fina carve young dana carvey. Who hired to move your across another cake movie. He's mad he's bad he's busting loose. And he's standing in front of a bunch of grand wizards change. Those file numbers enough. We cecily tyson for some reason. He's wearing a weird poncho. I van so weird. Weird when you edgy and brain timeless. It's almost cynically bad. Like he was in like so many bland. Maine's yeah he's kind of like the black elvis or something. I think he kind of had a couple of divorces. Little scrape the irs. And just the colonel just kept telling to make movies situation with richard pryor. Well i know we had some drug issue right. And i think he may have had some personal issues some financial issues and things like that and he just went and did movies but they didn't reflect so well i was gonna say you wouldn't really see that i'm trying to some today. Now you can say kevin hart but his standup is nowhere near interesting or groundbreaking or anything like that. Richer prize in his movies are arguably better than stand up. Like i'm trying to think of if you think of the comedians that you think of are on the fan guard i got one for you and maybe not today. But of that. Era steve martin. Everybody loved his stand. Everybody loved him on. Snl whenever he'd come on and then he did a bunch of like by the dozen so he could buy more art for his art collection. I would i would argue. His standup wasn't really. I mean everyone loved it. They loved it then. I don't i don't know that he gets mentioned as a stand up. And this sort of guiding arrow through the head and i would point out that before the cheaper by the dozen era. Which you're right you know. He made a lot of really good parents parents. The jerk of course is a classic a prisoner of something wrote. Did he right now. Movie and it's rate the spanish prisoner in his prisoner. It's great what. I gotta bring it up all of me remember that movie. Yeah roxana lay story. Who's not store. Now he was in l. a. confidential version of that an ap deli story. I'll have a half double decaffeinated half calf with a twister lemon boston loose sixty percent. Fresh see this later okay fresh. It looks the ridiculous. It's pretty bad. I don't know but the the point is is the guy was the tip of the spear on stage then when he started doing movies weird cranky did him gene while there were like. What was that Silver streak and they did right. And then the other one where they got locked up in prison stir-crazy stir-crazy one into prior. No idea another story. We didn't get that happened over the weekend. Lamar during tributary ned. Beatty talked about richard. Pryor for twenty minutes. Lamar odom and aaron. Carter is did square off and their celebrity boxing match on friday. When as you'd expect the should've one yes carter. I'm gonna show you the second. This expert carter threw punches but six foot ten Former nba star knocked him out in the second round. Not only did owed them have ten inches on carter yeltsin waiting by eight hundred pounds. You have see hall of famer. Chuck ladele refereed. It went down at the showboat hotel in atlantic city. Here's like literally the live with. I is this a jump. The shark moment for this horror layer of celebrity boxing. We're in the middle of it. Yeah they're still the cash channels. Haven't having as many years after. Jackie fonzie jump the shark. It wasn't the last episode. No credit was getting close. I think this you're gonna see this signals as a harbinger shorts or fallen literally. Eight seconds.

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