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We had a Brown out. On this line could you? Repeat that, please Chris Okay here's. Bill in Somers point Hello? Bill Mister. Sterling how are? You good thank you sir how are you good question for you on outfield now with. Judge hurt is just. Going mean John Carlos Stanton has. To, play we lose him as. Designated hitter Pretty much If they want to give him a, day off get his legs a day. Of rest they can play. Tyler Wade he can play infield and outfield and the guy who really got hurt by this as. Clint Frazier I don't know what's happening with the in, concussion protocol but he would be see Neil Walker is the lefty d. h. today they would be able to use Frazier either is the righty d. h. your play right field, for Stanton but I guess if they had, arrested him they wait for a right handed pitching and play, Tyler Wade All right sir thank, you very much of a good day I'll be listening to Would say I. Appreciate? It. Thank you, so. Much here is Manny and he is in. New Hampshire Hello Manny Good. Morning John Reid wanting. To pay great, you guys are Cape growing up. In? Brooklyn I had to make a choice between. The Mets and the Yankees after my lovely dodgers. Left ended, up as a Yankee fan I. Enjoy the hell out of you a lot How.

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