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My parents gave up on me day. They knew I was sort of really doing my own. My own way and finding Diane Path and I think possibly wisely My father was not really very keen for me to be to formally musically glee educated. There was I got a cool. I could be difficult to explain Demi ship to Molin College Oxford in history and I met Tim Rice by that point so I decided really not to take it up which the family of thought of Prestige was pretty olden. Weird thing thing to do especially if you call it a scholarship or exhibition to Oxford. They thought that was. That was a bit weird but my dad didn't and he knew that I would really do what I wanted to do. You were only seventeen you Were aware that you were pretty. Darn good with melodies. And how is it that you knew that Tim Rice would have been a good collaborator. Well I knew then the already. Then that the people I I did do a terminal but I got my very into Oxford theatre very very fast and I thought I'd find you know loads of people who could really write lyrics and Dino Walter. I realize very very quickly the leary writing. goodly writing is very very very diff very specific and good. Louis do not grow on trees and I realized that Tim and his turn of phrase and everything he was doing was was very special and so I think the proof of the pudding really was just the first thing we wrote who's Jesse Mason technicolor. dreamcoat was actually the first thing we wrote because we did a musical that never got on which was sort of commission but Elicits Joseph and we just had a revival in London palladium which has been in Manama success in London and I was struck. I nothing to do with this revival. I just went to remember the puppy really and I just so struck by how his words and everything is still fresh over fifty two years later after we wrote it and I think that answers your question. I knew very very early on that. His words was special and It was London and was very much. It's what they call swinging London in those days where I caught the tail end of it and It but but again I was an old animal because host. Everybody else was doing rock and pop and all that rotten pop was a huge part of my background. I still wanted to do musicals and musicals. I would not what people were doing particularly. Try Not to get.

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