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Shedding stuff. You know and saw the whole. It's like the sprint of Carnival exists. Whether physical Communist's narrow. No I've in my head. I've got this this image and that's probably not true. But it's like the idea of laughing and crying at the same time this collision of of really strong feelings and they both have to come out they both have to express and I think what's really interesting you talked about routine. Actually I think with tea and it's when when it sticks as when routine becomes ritual. Right and I think that what it is is what it is what what you're actually talking about. What we're saying is that how we GONNA come up with this cove ed how do we in we enact rituals that enable us to do both that's what the weakest it's a ritual that enables us to do both. Right so this carnival party everybody knows that and everybody knows everybody understands carnival is dying. But everybody's GonNa understand you put on your costume they're gonNa Laugh at first like Oh my God you're ridiculous but we understand you put it on your costume. This little ritual of party is giving you the space to be able to enact a bit of a ritual that you agree with him and so your sadness you're putting it on I'm sure you're shedding tears you put on is you taken it off but in the moment with it you're dancing and so I think it's ritual that we're looking for that within that encapsulates all of that. And sometimes, we just focus on the ritual of the ceremony of from the Church to the hearst going to the funeral. The funeral ground, and then that terrible moment when you hear the the drop on the coffee him. But actually what is the ritual around that? You know your own around the spore wherever that's that tradition is retained of Joe Pin rum even the young people do they don't know the the levels of it but libation remains hip hop videos you see it. So, there these things that a car with its that's a ritual. You might not know what? The big thing of the ritual you know your friends gone and you know you can't. You don't know what to do. You've got to drop some spare. You've gotta drop some alcohol on the ground and that's that's the ritual and the thing about ritual apart from the fact that they're repeated their repeated and repeated over time. And across outlet you say. Across the aspirin so that that's that's it's like any point that's always. A reenactment of a ritual, it never stops it. It's. Continuity. At this point during this conversation, it will happen summa. That will have been a library also, it's also it's like a shape shifter, it ships and shapes. Wherever it is. Wherever it's you know with the environment that is in that way the African retentions shifted itself. rituals shifted itself into rituals of of of Catholicism this is amazing. You know nearly the end I've given you an hour 'cause he was just so amazing supposed to help the GonNa get. Joe. Because that's I'm like so I'm. At the end allows you preempted right at the beginning of the Web I had for you. But delighted to show some luck yet I just didn't prepare it. So I'm just like Oh God it can be anything because I was talking about Carnival and the Dia spoarer, and also these projects that I'm working on this project takes into account. That one of my friends a lot of one of the things that happened around this pandemic is domestic abuse. and. This poem is for one of my darling friends, knees. Who was my one of my Soka friends who post away At the hands of our husband So I think I'm GONNA, end with this, and this is both celebration and energy. And it suits what we're talking about. I don't tentative history of stolen 's take one. I time to cost away stones and a time to gather stones together I time to embrace a time to refrain from embracing. Let us address the stones. What are you stone? If not a small pebble that can be carried by hand therefore is the hand your sevens and you stone to have your stories to tell if I hand throws US stolen who is in the wrong the hand. The poet piles up stones to build a cathedral around a young black woman. So she will not burn stone though she hears you only score, scorch crumble or crack on the flames, the poet bills this protection, but it is too late in the season of struggling lungs and hammering fist behind quarantine doors. Mothers daughters sometimes men will come like sheep are really goat. He came like a lamb and turnbull turn beasts pummeled with hoofs breathing fire stones. This is meant to be a poem about you sir, but it is unruly poem a headed poem away with poem. Now, the poet's heart is a stalled yesterday. A picture of a young black woman friend bounced into the poets inbox. He killed her on the line on the knee. I don't turn it to history of stones take to let us address the stones and the use stone to have stories to tell back home the woman's hometown village young men. Gaba. Stones in lush. Green Bush to create a circle of stones to rest their parts over hot cold cooking oil down yesterday. News flew across the net like a soiled dove with a broken wing. Fragile bruises bloomed. How long had he been seized in the woman up to cook in our home by car house was often Oh let us address the stones as stolen to have stories to tell say you tell me the poet stolen does not burn it may crack or even be crushed into powder, but your answer is. Too late stored, you speak of David toppling Goliath with a slingshot in the woman's vintage boys went into the Bush on slingshots to pelt birds break their wings. Is this where the man learn to break his dog swings remember poet you say this is a poem about stolen meanwhile across facebook. The women's friends are stones rumbling stones happy. One Poe states I spoke to her only last night death. Did Not hint it was a stone's throw to the crawling fire in this poem, honey thickens in the women's veins instead of water boiling epidemic shrinks splits open and oil flows from the woman's body boiling tears or give me more oil in my lab. Keep it burning her friends sing acquire across facebook hymns to erase thoughts of oil in that often burning burning until daybreak. Sir, this is a poem about stones. Yes, and you stones have our stories to look at the woman's village a non. Sits on a big stone look again at the women's village are man sits big stone by the seashore are this fire of sunset praying for the woman chat between a rock and a hard marriage sir? Stone is a prayer a seventh of the mouth like stones seven of the palm where prayers at daybreak when the woman needed own, let us address the stones as stones have their own stories to tell the poet attempts to resurrect the poem attempts to rest with Susser Tate old lettuce address stones..

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