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Pixar, Disney, Marvel discussed on Five(ish) Fangirls Podcast


They at the beginning when they're taught when they get with voiceover about how there was magic back. Magic was a thing and There's a wizard being that. I can't remember what he did. He did something and he's being Mike surrounded by people that are like thank you. You know. You're wonderful Mr Magic Person In that crown in there are night howler flowers from Zootopia a Elvin version of body from toy story torture three and the rock shoals from frozen. There is a sign in. Whenever you're that says you shall not pass yes doll. Yeah At the gas station there are either advertisements are a items convenience store including Coca Cola Mountain. Doom and Saturday there are. There's a sign four magic beans for sale. There is an ad for triple debt. Gum which appears in toy story inside out and there is a cup of pens with the Poultry Palace. Chicken look The raiders and other There's one you're like really into mythology a On the MOM is now she buys it buys milk from off who mold dairies odd. Ramallah being the name of the primeval cow fairly figures from norse mythology a deep dive when they go through the toll booth obviously trolls. It's a trial taking tolls. That Stanton now. Apparently the sign on the toll says you can pay the the the troll in either cash or riddle lover boy. There's a heck of a lot more I don't Wanna I don't WanNa be giving away all of them but also keep an eye out for him. But yeah I'd I'd read about the triple dent gum so so another so I was like okay. I gotTa look for that so I found that one and the and the troll booth. Yeah so overall. It's a fun movie lots and lots of Easter eggs. It's a pixar movie. They do that a lot. Well Disney does it a lot anyway. Oh Yeah they're they're fun. They're fun to find. Yeah but the fact the Pixar Easter eggs at people know to look far bonaly. There's like throwing in like here from other non pixar movies references marvel in there which bears. Obviously yeah it it probably. Yeah why? It's a Disney. Disney owns marvel. But the fact that you got to extremely popular marvel pastors es poisoning choristers as do your voices. It's like I would. Actually I didn't now. Did they set out to to specifically cast those two or was it just? How really generally with the way this this type of thing is done. Is The voice recording done? I well I mean like like how do they decide like we need to guys for marvel to do this or were. They just like who knows who knows that. That's what I'm curious about is like yeah. Yeah did they. Did they do that on purpose or do they just kinda decide or did they? Did Chris. Pratt and Tom Holland auditioned like? Hey what a coincidence you guys are both Marple guys cast you have. This movie. Didn't get much screen time together in the marvel movie stars got you covered guys. Well yeah they go into space. Both got dusted so what? This is what they were doing while they dusted very they were going on a quest Phoenix Phoenix. Gem does look like the soul style..

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Pixar, Disney, Marvel discussed on Five(ish) Fangirls Podcast

Five(ish) Fangirls Podcast 2 months ago

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