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Now the apologies of the week. So so the Washington, a senior Trump appointee at an agency responsible for enforcing laws against financial discrimination, apologized this week for blog posts. He wrote years ago questioning whether the n. word was racist and expressing skepticism about hate crimes. Do I regret some of the things I wrote when I was twenty five -absolutely says Eric Blankenstein policy director at the consumer financial protection bureau bureau, the tone framing of my substance reflected poor judgment. This apology was in sharp contrast who defiant statement. He first issued when the Washington Post. I found the stuff the inside to begin to how I perform my job today by reading snippets of fourteen year old blog posts that have nothing to do with consumer protection law is exactly zero. Another guy in trouble for stuffy did when he was a kid. The theme of the week and US Senate candidate beta O'Rourke the democrat running against Ted Cruz in Texas, Pol. College is for decades, old review of Broadway play. He wrote his student at Columbia, which you could critique the performance of actresses quote, whose only qualifications seem to be there phenomenally large breasts and tight buttocks, unquote. I'm ashamed of what I wrote and I apologize. He said, there's no excuse for making disrespectful, demeaning comments about women. The quote was serviced by someone who opposes Aurora, nutty isn't it. Principle affair. Hope, high school in Ferro bala- Bama sonata litter apology. After we received complaints that inappropriate music was played by the student section, the football game last Friday night principle. John cardinal said in a statement, the song was play. The contain profanity profanity and derogatory language towards women letter was emailed to the fair hope. Parent community and school board officials. It was a big game between fair hope and Daphne stands repacked this morning. I'm disgusted at a fair hope. Event asong referring to females as bitches and repeated use of the f. word and even racial slurs was played on disgusted and ashamed. This happen, please accept my. Unquote in the principal's letter, disgusted this capitalized. He's been reading too many Trump tweets, family of Seth rich, the Democratic National Committee staffers 2016 murder was twisted into a right wing conspiracy theory as received its first public apology. The Washington Times published a lengthy retraction and apology for March first opinion column that promoted the theory that rich and his older brother stole thousands of DNC documents gave them to WikiLeaks retraction and apology, or part of a settlement between the times and Aaron rich would sued the paper for defamation op Ed was written by a retired navy Admiral. Brooks, coca KEPCO has issued apology after a tee shot. He hit during the Ryder Cup golf tournament struck a fan of the eye. He noted the fan identified as MS Grimmond conditioned worsened since he incident occurred. I made contact with her family to offer my sincere and heartfelt sympathy. I'm heartbroken by the incident said the golfer, she told the French press. She had lost sight in a right. I was exploring legal action. Explore you with the good. I hope hit with monumental fines for tax evasion, Chinese actress fund Bing, Bing, I said, fun. Bing, bang. It's fun to say made a big apology Wednesday saying she felt ashamed guilty for what I did this. Our first public statement after months of silence on her social media account and fevered speculation over her disappearance view. And industry. Observers wondered whether fund China's highest paid actress have been put under house arrest by Chinese authorities, or even imprisoned and interrogated under duress or undressed. She's yet to be seen in public, but found said she accepted responsibility for having lost my ability government self in the face of economic interests, leading myself to break the law. She said she endured an unprecedented amount of pain. I don't think that means she was tortured, DOE. She credited Chinese ruined communist party inter fans for his success as an actress. Her companies now famous face as much as one hundred twenty nine million dollars in back taxes and fines. Chinese government is stepping up its campaign to ensure all citizens toe. The party line. Don't he let thoat. Kyrie Irving. Now with.

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