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More than two minutes before checking his pulse Justin Miller says he hopes racial justice protesters will March for books in the same way they March for George Floyd we want you to put pressure on the police put pressure on the mayor put pressure on your government put pressure on everyone to let them know you will not take this anymore you're going to stand up Miller says police said a number of other options especially given that under Georgia law taser is not a deadly weapon the trump raised the echo bay that stories coming up in three minutes right down five thirty five traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the visors are expensive well crash in Lincoln heights now one ten south Albany twenty six it was their car spun out in lanes became full for going through there also look out in San demus on the westbound side of the two ten right before St demus Avenue there's a tire in the fast lane C. H. P. on the way they're gonna stop traffic and get that out of the way for you eastbound side that you ten Colorado offramp in Arcadia that's where we had a two car smash up one of the car started on fire so they shot the offramp down while the try to clean up that mess in el hambre northbound side of the seven ten before you get to valley Boulevard that's our car flipped over and went over the embankment on the right shoulder so there's a lot of activity there with a tow truck in a bunch of C. H. P. in diamond bar that used outside the sixtieth diamond bar Boulevard Caltrans taken away the carpool and the three left lanes there next report at five thirty five with more reports more often I'm Rick Smith and the Toyota of Glendora twenty four hour traffic center can extend seventy newsradio sunny skies for the next few days our highs today and tomorrow in the seventies the beaches will see low to mid eighties inland and the valleys right now sixty one degrees in Hawthorne sixty three enforced and we have fifty nine in Chatsworth at five.

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