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Social impact with their work and in supporting black business so plus grainy black and bold k. And bowls love it. And if i may say so. Their coffee is excellent. Is that because that's the key right. You can have all the all the social impact. You can be an important company but it has to be good. It's like music. You know you can have rights music sucks. And that's the worst thing you know absolutely not confess i. I'm always a little skeptical about things. Frank you know you you always. I think you know we. We live in an age like that. We're sort of reflectively. Skeptical when people you know even with the best intentions tell you. They're going to do this or that. But i gotta tell you man like the way in which their products showed up the quality of the product knees with which everything happened. While i was. I was sold so i haven't i haven't looked back coop Great talk to me. Let's talk about this book. First of all. Don't who will pay reparations. My so that's provocative title. I was in uncle. Bobby's by bookstore and tell you how people drawn to your book just from the title. Why the title so the title is. I'm borrowing the title from gil. Scott heron gil. scott heron. Is this you know really kind of a legendary figure. He i think. I think he's known in the certain extent even though lots and lots of people. They don't know his name. They'll know the phrase the will not be televised many folks. You recognize the song if they hear it but you know. Gil scott was in many ways. A kind of a pioneer people describing Father of hip hop you know he was connected in that whole kind of moment in the seventies are really in the rise kind of spoken word. You know team kind of lost votes in the in these kinds of cats in. He has his very famous one of his konno's iconic records called small talk at one..

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