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But because he is the reason I believe in God, I am a Christian because of Owen Meany I make no claims to have a life in Christ or with Christ, and certainly not for Christ, which I've heard some zealots claim. I'm not very sophisticated in my knowledge of the Old Testament, and I've not read the New Testament since my Sunday school days, except for those passages that I hear read aloud to me when I go to church, I'm somewhat more familiar with the passages from the bible that appear in the book of Common Prayer. I read my prayer book often and my bible only on holy days. The prayer book is so much more orderly. Orderly. This is the voice of John Wheelwright who is not Ator whose mother is killed in the first few pages of the book by a fantastic shot on a baseball diamond by young Owen Meany who hits it amidships and it strikes her and she dies. We begin the book with a death, and we end it with a death. What fascinates you to clearly about the relationship of children to the parents, though those whom they know and those whom they don't know, you didn't do your own father until you were quite advanced in years or. Yeah, quite advanced. And by the time I learned any significant detail about him from two brothers and sister. I didn't know I had he'd already been dead about five years. So for significant time in my life, I knew very little about him. I was born with his name and because no one would talk about him. I didn't like having his name because I imagined as a child that. Is someone who knew him must have been trying to protect me from something about him that he must have been a very bad guy if no one wanted to talk to me about him. I mean, that's just what I imagined I made it up. I because I've nobody told me otherwise, you make things up. Let's job this question here. I'm intrigued with the voice of our in Meany which seems almost like a character in its own right in the book. And I'm sure that everybody can hear his voice in their heads when they read the book. And yet you convey that only by the use of upper case lettering in in the text, and how do you do that. I want to match that. I would give owing means dialogue, those red letters that you must know from so-called red letter editions of the bible. So you can be something through the New Testament and everything Christ said is in red ink, right? It stands out. Well, that was my first thought, but that was unrealistic. It would have been a very expensive publising prospect, especially especially for smaller countries and in translation. I also thought twice about it because I did not want as the author to say that I believed Owen Meany was a second coming of Christ, and it seemed to me that I was pushing that envelope too hard if I had expense. Notwithstanding, if I had given him read letters for his diabled, I chose the capital letters because they seem to represent an. Irritation which his voice also causes not only mildly. I mean, not only does he speak in a kind of rock dust full Seto. Many people who've grown up in granite quarries or around them have damaged vocal chords because of the fine particles of rock dust that gets into their apparatus. Realistically, that's probably all this wrong with him. Looking at him in a a non spiritual on supernatural way. He grew up in a granite quarry. There's a realistic explanation for why his Voice's wrecked. It's not only the sound of his voice that's irritating, what's especially irritating to most of us is anyone who's always right and tells you. So there's really few more irritating quality, especially when let only four foot eight inch. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Then then someone who's right all the time. He's a little squirt. Yes, and some people see him exactly that way..

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