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You are listening to the john batchelor show more local news more often news talk six seventy kboi i'm john batchelor this is the john batchelor show avenue schlaes this year and she's has an intellectual biography at a romance of cal coolidge who becomes the president of the united states by the accidents that happened in office everybody at that point was living with the memory of how teddy roosevelt doubt the colonel t r roosevelt became president the assassination of mckinley these are days in which they'd watch mckinley within memory eight seen mckinley assassinated they could reach back perhaps are not as far as lincoln but they knew that at any moment people are swept away by a disease or accident so your elected officials are fragile and it is now september 1990 coolidge elected in 1918 when mccall decides not to run again he is now governor and he must face the people every year the boston police force decides or is move to join in this fever of organized labor striking for better wages better conditions against the owners are in this case the people of boston the a dramatic moment is september 11th 1919 the strike is more than a weekold there are tempers out of control people have died because the police have withdrawn their protection coolidge has moved to call in.

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