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I can think of is. I have a lot of people who go out to eat with their friends. I don't wanna pick the healthier iras on pick a salad but the more often than you make that healthier choice. The more your friend group in your tribe Identifies like oh. There's valerie really health conscious. Of course she's gonna pick the salad that's kind of who she is but there is oftentimes some friction to begin with. So it's hard to overcome at. I i definitely have experienced that being both a picky eater trying to be health conscious and also having some food sensitivities and so. I've always been the wine especially with work where there are people that you're not socializing with as much so they may not see you in that kind of context often and you get a lot of comments about. Wow you know you completely changed the thing that you ordered. 'cause you know i'll end up changing a couple of things and putting something on the side but if i know it's going to work for me then i have to kind of move past that other people will move past it as well. It's ultimately my body. And i think it's spinning those choices in a positive way so i feel like sometimes people approaching. Oh being good today. i can't do it. I can't have that cookie but when you kind of come from a position of power and say i'm all said i feel so much better when i eat. Xyz or drinking is another example. So i'm not gonna drink tonight. I feel amazing in the morning. When i just have seltzer at night or something spinning it in a direction. That's positive than the people around. You don't feel like oh. Let's drag out of this. She's really struggling. I want her to have fun. You know what. I'm having a great time. I'm gonna feel amazing in the morning. And i'm really happy with my decision. People will send sat. You know. I wish we had this conversation like i want to say about seven eight years ago when i tried to the first time. Oh jeez yeah doing the whole thirty and trying to go out to restaurants and you know that being a huge shift for me. At the time. I hadn't been particularly health conscious before that but had wanted to see if changing my eating would change the of headaches. I guy unfortunately i still do get headaches but seeing if it would impact the way i was feeling overall and i think not really knowing how to address the questions that would come up so instead you would get the. Oh no you can live a little and to really understand and be able to say thank you but i actually feel better when i eat in this particular way and i don't feel that i'm missing out but knowing how to frame that because i think there is something interesting i think food and how the people around you made may react in the beginning to you know to dietary changes and things like that. Yeah i think our tribe in our social circle has a huge influence on our behaviors..

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