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Now that that actually came from one of the mothers so you know in in other words that's why for some people there is a grey area for all the painful there's no gray area he he's just spent wellness all right let's go to uh first time caller atom in johnson city tennessee welcome to the show what did you want to share with us a favorite forever sir i love you what i was um i just started a job a couple of weeks ago were um it's a third shift job or the majority of my job i'm actually driving in a car about um i mean this maguire and from about two or three in the morning um i remember i was having trouble staying awake and um i was sitting there trying to think i was praying everything i was like god i got to stay wake please like seeing something to keep awake at i remember this um grave face an alarm our with the face sounds like a great figure and a half black uh and like a black um like david what the mouth should be i didn't see any kind of oz or anything but i just remember it passed through me and i woke up instantly and um i was awake for the rest of the by other just couldn't even think about going to sleep after that we're in how how long ago was this um this was about them probably about two weeks ago well that's freaky so you've seen a similar character to this slender man and play out in i've never even heard of the faith to scott ryan pill but not when i was with an shirt and that face i mean when i heard him discussing that faith them outside the call because that would be almost the exact kinda descript summit i saw it's interesting because my kind of first uh connection to this faceless creature came from a personal friend who had a car accident driving and uh she and her husband got to an intersection in they saw this car come creeping through the intersection in front of knows a tea and in.

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